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      How Has The NeuroMetrix (NURO) Stock Appreciated In After Hour Trades? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 16, 2021

      8:13 AM UTC

      How Has The NeuroMetrix (NURO) Stock Appreciated In After Hour Trades? - Stocks Telegraph

      In after-market trading hours on Tuesday, NeuroMetrix Inc. (NURO) advanced 7.06% to $3.64. During the last trading session, NeuroMetrix stock gained 0.29% to close at $3.40. A range of $3.355 to $3.75 was the price range of the NURO stock. NURO stock surged on the news that its device would be utilized in a clinical trial.

      What kind of technology did NURO have?

      NeuroMetrix is a global medical device company that focuses on non-invasive medical device development and global commercialization for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

      Three NURO products are commercially available.

      • DPNCheck is a device that detects peripheral neuropathies at the point of care.
      • Developed for in-office evaluation of focal neuropathies, ADVANCE is a diagnostic device which provides automated nerve conduction studies.
      • Quell is an over-the-counter wearable neuro stimulating device indicated for symptomatic relief of chronic lower extremity pain.

      Yesterday, NeuroMetrix announced it would employ Quell technology in a randomized, double-blinded study.

      • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) has been tested in order to determine whether it is a feasible, effective, and acceptable way to relieve pain in patients with NMOSD.
      • Michael Levy is the principal investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital’s NMO Clinic and Research Laboratory.
      • A total of 46 NMOSD patients will be enrolled in the current trial.
      • Four weeks will be devoted to the active and sham Quell trials.
      • Subjects will then be subject to a 4-week active treatment phase under open label.
      • Based on the 11-point numerical pain scale, the baseline to 4-week pain intensity change is the primary outcome measure.

      Is the Quell going to be used for anything?

      The results of this rigorous randomized controlled trial will contribute to a growing body of evidence demonstrating the benefits of NURO’s Quell technology in chronic pain conditions with neuropathic pain components. NeuroMetrix (NURO)’s device may be able to help patients with neuropathic pain, which has significant unmet clinical needs.

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