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      How HeartBeam (BEAT) Stock Continued The Rally After-Hours?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 28, 2023

      9:15 AM UTC

      How HeartBeam (BEAT) Stock Continued The Rally After-Hours?

      HeartBeam, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAT) witnessed a sustained upswing in its stock during the after-market trading on Wednesday, extending the positive momentum observed in the regular trading session. The stock exhibited a noteworthy 6.17% increase, reaching $2.41 in the extended session, building upon its earlier gain of 4.13% during regular trading, concluding at $2.27. Despite the absence of any overtly impactful news prompting this surge in BEAT stock, attention can be redirected to recent corporate advancements for a more profound understanding.

      HeartBeam (BEAT) has recently disclosed substantial progress in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its exclusive vectorelectrocardiography (VECG) technology. Noteworthy aspects of these advancements involve the introduction of new leadership and advisory roles within the company. By synergizing machine learning methodologies with the proprietary VECG technology, HeartBeam aspires to furnish medical practitioners with unparalleled diagnostic and prognostic insights pertaining to cardiac health.

      The company contends that such insights will surpass the information attainable through a conventional 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG). The fundamental VECG technology employed by BEAT captures three-dimensional signals emanating from the heart, subsequently transforming them into a comprehensible 12-lead ECG. Tailored for use with portable, patient-friendly devices, the inaugural application of this platform technology is manifest in the HeartBeam AIMIGo—a credit card-sized device, unparalleled in its ability to provide a 12-lead ECG, thereby facilitating the remote assessment of cardiac symptoms.

      Distinguishing itself from the conventional 12-lead ECG, the HeartBeam technology amasses a more extensive dataset by capturing signals in three projections (X, Y, Z), collectively generating a comprehensive 3D mapping of the heart’s electrical activity. Employing AI to scrutinize these data-rich signals, HeartBeam anticipates an enhancement in diagnostic precision, capable of revealing nuanced details that elude current 12-lead ECGs.

      This includes intricate heart rhythms, subtle indicators of deteriorating cardiac health, and previously undetected cardiac events. Furthermore, the device, when used consistently by the same patient over time, generates a series of readings per patient, constituting valuable diagnostic information. HeartBeam envisions this as a distinctive opportunity to construct a thorough repository of data, potentially unlocking personalized AI-driven insights to advance cardiac care.

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