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      How Teledyne (TDY) Stock Survived Despite Insider Selling?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 10, 2023

      7:53 PM UTC

      How Teledyne (TDY) Stock Survived Despite Insider Selling?

      Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE: TDY) shares exhibited a modest uptick in momentum on Friday, marking a 1.11% increase to settle at $411.49. This positive movement during weekend session persisted despite insider selling activities.

      On December 8, Teledyne witnessed the sale of 1,145 TDY shares by its director, Wesley W. von Schack. The transaction was executed at $410.06 per share, generating gross proceeds totaling $469,516.

      TDY recently disclosed that Teledyne DALSA’s AxCIS family, comprising fully integrated line scan imaging modules with high-speed and high-resolution capabilities, is currently in production. Teledyne DALSA operates under Teledyne’s Vision Solutions group and stands as a frontrunner in the conception, production, and deployment of digital imaging components for machine vision.

      These user-friendly Contact Image Sensors (CIS) amalgamate sensors, lenses, and lighting into a singular entity, presenting a cost-effective inspection system for various intricate machine vision applications. The sensor’s distinctive design encompasses the entire field of view without pixel omission, resulting in a seamless 100% image devoid of any interpolation.

      Achieving HDR imaging through dual rows with independent exposure control enhances detectability for highly reflective materials, improving dynamic range. Beyond defect detection, the sensor’s unique design accommodates genuine metrology applications.

      AxCIS has been meticulously crafted for scalability across diverse fields of view, requiring only a single 24V power supply. Its compact form factor and an optical path boasting an IP60 dust-proof design enable AxCIS to seamlessly integrate into systems, even in spaces with limited vertical clearance.

      Equipped with a Camera Link HS SFP+ fiber-optic interface developed by Teledyne, AxCIS ensures high-throughput data transfer over standard, cost-effective, and long-length cables, with immunity to EMI radiation suitable for challenging industrial environments.

      Fueled by Teledyne’s multiline CMOS image sensors, AxCIS achieves superior image quality, offering up to 120 kHz line rates for monochrome or 60 kHz x 2 for HDR imaging. The pixel size of 28 µm or 900 dpi resolution ensures the precise detection of defects with unprecedented accuracy.

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