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      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 30, 2022

      10:26 AM UTC

      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      Atlas Navi

      The ICO for Atlas Navi (NAVI) is an exciting one and brings to life the first ever Drive-to-Earn, navigation concept, which is powered by artificial intelligence. The smart tools that are a part of the project allow drivers to avoid traffic obstructions, and deliver, in real-time, information relating to parking space availability and police car presence.

      The project is highly compelling, given the utility it offers to hundreds of millions across the world. Given this appeal, it has successfully pulled in almost $2.75 million, with the token sale expected to end later today.


      The VJRAM ICO is another red-hot opportunity in the market, which is pushing along in full throttle. It has met 73% of its $3.75 million fundraising goal and expects an even higher achievement as it approaches its close.

      The VJRAM platform aims to increase users’ “interconnectedness” throughout the metaverse while supporting a virtual world experience, which is highly immersive. Players in VJRAM may travel through and explore a variety of virtual worlds while competing with one another and gathering iconic and priceless NFTs along the way.


      Another exciting opportunity that one must not miss is that of the Hooked (HOOK) ICO. The project is essentially a protocol aimed at empowering social engagement in the Web-3 context. Through its revolutionary blockchain tools, Hooked allows the establishment of viral growth infrastructure and a smooth linking of web2 communities to the Web-3 realm.

      Hooked has successfully pulled in a whopping $6 million sum in token sales, which it expects to take up to $8.5 million in the coming days. This ICO has been gathering significant attention from the market, given its innovative approach.

      Upcoming ICOs


      An upcoming ICO that is turning heads in the market is that of 5ire, which is expected to take place in mid-December and has already brought in an incredible $221 million sum. The fact that 5ire, which represents the supposed 5th industrial revolution has the backing of giant investors, speaks about the potential inherent to it.

      5ire is a blockchain network that empowers its users in ways that have never been attempted before. It enables users to create both fungible and non-fungible assets and also enables atomic token swapping via the 5ire ecosystem. Its multi-signature feature and unique naming service also vastly broaden its overall appeal.

      Medieval Empires

      The upcoming ICO for Medieval Empires (MEE) is another highly anticipated one and has been causing quite a storm in the crypto market. The sheer hype around it can be gauged from the fact that it has successfully raised $3.7 million in token sales, against its initial target of $318,000, even before the ICO has officially initiated.

      As the name suggests Medieval Empires is set in a historic realm, allowing players to build, conquer and prosper. Through on-chain gamification, the possibilities are limitless, and the physical and digital NFTs within the ecosystem vastly enhance the appeal of the game.


      The O-Mee (OME) ICO is one that is being watched closely, and will officially begin in late December. Despite this, backers have collectively contributed $3.4 million to the project.

      O-Mee essentially aims to set up a truly next-gen social media platform, which is driven by its alternative function as an NFT marketplace. With its subscription-based model, it allows for a zero-commission approach. Hype around the project is expected to heighten significantly as the ICO launch approaches its initiation.

      Ended ICOs


      Another ICO that came to a successful close in recent days has been Primal. Last week, it had brought in $860,000 in token sales, which it managed to push up to $2.3 million, eventually.

      The Primal project revolves around a move-to-earn concept that is supported by existing health-monitoring devices such as Apple Watches or FitBits. It positions itself as the ideal sports training platform, which not only rewards users but also grants them the opportunity to interact and trade valuable tokens with each other. The appeal of Primal is further improved by its partnership with top sports stars, the inner circles to whom users can gain access.

      Hottest Airdrops

      Metacade Airdrop   

      1. Go to the giveaway webpage on Metcade.
      2. Register an account by filling in your information.
      3. Earn entries by doing the listed tasks.
      4. You can expand your number of entries through referrals.
      5. From the pool of all participants, 10 lucky individuals would be awarded $250 each.

      ParaSpace Airdrop

      1. Visit the testnet webpage for ParaSpace.
      2. Plug in your wallet to the platform.
      3. Switch to the Goerli testnet network.
      4. Get ETH testnet now by clicking this page.
      5. To request testnet tokens, return to the testnet page and click the yellow bar.
      6. Some testnet NFTs will be sent to you.
      7. Now give the platform the testnet NFTs.
      8. Attempt to obtain NFTs from GALXE as well.
      9. If they issue their own coin, early users who have done the testnet acts may receive an airdrop.

      Key App Airdrop

      1. Get the Key App for iOS or Android.
      2. Enter your information to register.
      3. Use the app to purchase cryptocurrency right now.
      4. Utilize the app’s “Exchange” function to swap crypto-assets as well as send or receive crypto-assets.
      5. If they create their own coin, early app users who have used the app may receive an airdrop.

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