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      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 21, 2022

      5:35 AM UTC

      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      Medieval Empires

      The Play&Own strategy game, Medieval Empires currently has its ICO approaching its close later today and has successfully brought in $3.7 million. The ICO aims to complete its fundraising by pulling in an additional $1 million, in the hours that follow.

      The game features the world from the highly popular Turkish TV series, Ertugrul, and offers players the opportunity to share in the glory that the characters have aspired to achieve. The gameplay is highly immersive, and the overall experience is significantly enhanced with the prospect of physical and digital utility-based NFTs. There is presently no opportunity as exciting as this for those interested in medieval warfare as a project.


      The ICO for MTG has also been active in recent weeks and is expected to close by the end of today. In its token sale, it has offered 27% of its billion tokens to the market, with the aim of raising the relevant funds to ensure its project development can smoothly continue.

      MTG is unique in many ways, especially when considering it is the only blockchain concept that brings together burning tokenomics and the meme token phenomenon into the world of ‘move to earn’. By doing so, MTG applies the full potential of blockchain into these domains and vastly improves the overall experience through a refined ecosystem.


       Another fascinating prospect in the field of NFTs that has just become active is NFT3 (ISME), which aims to become Web3’s first unified virtual identity network. The idea behind the project is extremely promising, as it offers users the chance to unify identification across each of the layers of Web3 apps. This brings in stellar benefits such as personal monetization, which could revolutionize Web3.

      NFT3 is incredibly attractive and offers a road to the first functioning and proven concept of a web3 global passport. Using DID capabilities, this merges user credit ratings into one’s virtual identity, all while maintaining the anonymity intrinsic to the blockchain.

      Upcoming ICOs

      EMG Coin

      The ICO for the EMG coin is all set to start later this week and is expected to cause quite the hype among investors. The project is a brainchild of the Emeldi Group, which contains five software firms, belonging to a range of different countries.

      The management of the Emeldi Group had come together and decided to establish an eCommerce telecom ‘super-app’, of which EMG coin would be the exclusive currency, allowing peer-to-peer money transfer, customer orders, and merchant payments. The project has at its disposal all the resources of the Emeldi legacy software.

      Cyber Arena

      Another approaching ICO to keep on one’s radar is that of Cyber Arena (CAT), which has created quite a stir among metaverse fans. This online multiplayer, ‘play-to-earn’ combat game is truly phenomenal, and holds one of the most impressive metaverse ecosystems blockchains has to offer.

      With $CAT being the primary token of this realm, players have a wide range of options through which they may charge fees. These include the in-game NFT marketplace, tournaments, modding, and leaderboards. In-game earning is built on a highly sustainable model, whereas it offers democratic governance for changes to be made regarding the wider ecosystem.


      The Re:water (WTR) is another upcoming ICO that is predicted to get the market bulls engaged, considering the popularity it already possesses. The project’s goal is to create the first multi-staking platform of its nature, allowing users to interact with various types of decentralized assets and therefore combining all economic incentives. The core principle behind Re:water links to a wide range of social gamification methods.

      When a user stakes any crypto-asset in the re:water platform, they will be charged a regular melting rate, which will provide them with WTR and the liquidity advantage it offers.

      Ended ICO

      Superpower Squad

      An ICO that saw a successful closing in the prior week, was Superpower Squad. It successfully reeled in its complete fundraising target of $880,000.

      The project is one of the hottest blockchain action games in which players can compete against each other. They do so in the third-person shooter format. It combines features from some of the most popular games that include Roguelike, RPG, and MOBA. Its blockchain aspect allows a flawless integration of Social Features in a fully decentralized manner.

      Hottest Airdrops

      KwikTrust Airdrop:

      1. Register a KwikTrust account.
      2. On Twitter, follow KwikTrust and the relevant Airdrop
      3. Share this tweet.
      4. Join the KwikTrust Telegram channel and the io Telegram group.
      5. Complete the airdrop form with your relevant information.
      6. The first 60,000 entrants will each receive 50 KTX.
      7. You will also receive 10 KTX for each referral made.
      8. You can view your referral balance using this webpage.
      9. Reward distribution will take place on March 31st, 2023.
      10. Users who register with KwikTrust will also be entered into a lucky pool to win a $250 Amazon gift card.

      Across Airdrop:

      1. Go to the Across airdrop claims page.
      2. Sync your wallet to the platform.
      3. If you qualify, you can get ACX as a reward.
      4. Users who are eligible include:
      • Users who have crossed assets by July 18th, 2022.
      • Bridge Traveler program identified active bridge users who had not utilized Across before September 1, 2022
      • Active Discord users that have made a significant contribution to Across by September 1st, 2022
      • Users who have given liquidity by October 10th, 2022 are eligible.
      • Liquidity providers pool ETH, USDC, WBTC, or DAI into Across protocol before the token launch.
      1. See this website for more details on the airdrop.

      Astra Nova Airdrop:

      1. Visit the Astra Nova competition website.
      2. Link your Twitter account and complete the short Twitter activities.
      3. Join their Discord server after verifying your Discord account.
      4. Sync your ETH wallet for consideration for inclusion on the Deviants Mint Pass allowlist.
      5. Input your Hedera wallet address to obtain the giveaway benefits. You may receive a Hedera wallet from this page.
      6. Enter your email address, answer a few easy questions, and then press the “Register” box.
      7. A total of 20,000 contestants will randomly face selection from the wider pool. They will earn up to 750 RVV tokens apiece.
      8. Those with at least three Deviants Mint Passes will receive 20,000 RVV apiece. Meanwhile, users with at least one Deviants Mint Pass will be eligible for 5,000 RVV tokens.
      9. See this Medium post for additional details about the giveaway.

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