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      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities For the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 28, 2022

      6:52 AM UTC

      ICO and Airdrop Opportunities For the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      EMG Coin

      EMG Coin’s ICO is pushing on at full throttle, and has an additional four days to go, in order to raise sufficient funds to proceed. The initiative is the idea of the Emeldi Group, which consists of five software companies from various parts of the world.

      The Emeldi Group’s management had got together and agreed to create an eCommerce telecommunication ‘super-app’ using EMG coin as the utility token, allowing peer-to-peer money transfer, consumer orders, and merchant payments. The project has access to all of the Emeldi legacy software’s resources, which significantly adds to its overall strengths and appeal.


      Another active ICO opportunity to turn towards, in the realm of NFTs is NFT3 (ISME). The underlying concept holds tremendous appeal, especially considering that NFT3 seeks to become Web3’s first unified virtual identity network. The concept is incredibly promising since it allows users to unify identity across all levels of Web3 apps. This provides outstanding benefits such as personal monetization, which has the potential to drastically alter Web3.

      NFT3 is extremely appealing and provides a path to the first working and verified notion of a web3 global passport. This blends user credit ratings with one’s virtual identity using DID capabilities, all while keeping the anonymity inherent in the blockchain.


      The token sale for Immunify.Life (IMM) has been live for a while and continues to push onwards, toward its close, later in January. At this stage, the offering has brought in a total of over $2.2 million, which is significantly above its $300,000 goal.

      Immunify.Life works towards a transformation in the current healthcare system, which it hopes to empower via blockchain data, through the erasure of inherent inequalities. The notion is fundamentally self-sustaining and transformational, while also being practically effective in its operations using AI technologies. The project’s potential to erase geopolitical obstacles to healthcare through the use of identifying NFTs is extremely noteworthy.

      Upcoming ICOs


      One approaching ICO that is highly worth keeping on one’s radar is that of Tatsumeeko (MKLN), starting on the 7th of January. Given the incredible appeal this multiplayer role-playing game holds, it has already successfully reeled in a whopping $7.5 million sum, even prior to its initiation.

      The blockchain game has all the elements to make it an obsession among its followers. Its fully cross-platform nature allows it to be playable on both discords as well as mobile, whereas its multi-class system and personal avatars make it highly engaging overall. It is a highly social game that utilizes a two-token system and is likely to be a staggering success upon its launch.


      The ICO for Carbon (CSIX) is another upcoming token sale expected to get the market bulls engaged, based on the hype surrounding it. On the surface, Carbon is a simplistic concept of a web browser for android devices, offering benefits such as complete privacy and effective AdBlock capabilities. However, the application offers users to migrate away from big tech platforms, and minimize their dependence upon them. It manages to do this by offering an immersive web3 experience that contains next-gen crypto features. Its bottom toolbar and high-speed protocol make it a worthy competitor to its traditional peers.


      The ICO for LasMeta (LASM) is scheduled to begin sometime in January, yet has already pulled in $680,000 from eager investors. The platform essentially supports a play-to-earn poker game, which is fully based on VR-tech.

      LasMeta aims to allow user-friendly handling of digital assets acquired via play-to-earn games. It is completely community-driven, allowing players/owners to give in their say as to which games are to be built and released in the future. Through virtual reality and blockchain, LasMeta perfectly replicates the environment and thrill of a real-life poker game experience.

      Ended ICOs


      The ICO for the MTG project was among those that had come to a close last week. MTG is an innovative concept, and unprecedented in many respects, especially when considering it is the first blockchain idea that combines together burning tokenomics and the meme token trend into the realm of ‘move to earn’. MTG uses the full power of blockchain in various fields, substantially improving the entire experience through a sophisticated project ecosystem. Despite the strong appeal, however, this utility token was unable to raise funds equivalent to its fundraising goal.

      Medieval Empires

      The token sale for Medieval Empires came to a successful close in the prior week, with the project successfully raising its complete target of $4.76 million.

      The blockchain adventure game takes place in the universe of the immensely popular Turkish TV series Ertugrul and allows players to partake in the greatness that the protagonists have sought to attain. The gameplay is incredibly engaging, and the potential of physical and digital utility-based NFTs considerably improves the whole experience.

      Hottest Airdrops

      Plenty Airdrop

      1. Tezos and other Web3 users will receive free PLY through the recently announced airdrop.
      2. For the airdrop, a total of 30,000,000 PLY has been set aside.
      3. Plenty, Kolibri, Youves, objkt, FxHash, Liquidity Baking, ctez, the Plenty bridge, the Plenty ghostnet release, and Dogami users are among those suitable for the Tezos ecosystem.
      4. Curve Finance, PancakeSwap, Velodrome, Quickswap, and LooksRare users will also be able to participate in the airdrop.
      5. The snapshot will be taken on December 31, 2022.
      6. See this Medium post for additional details on the airdrop.

      Iskra Airdrop

      1. Go to the official Iskra page for giveaways.
      2. Enter your information to register.
      3. Complete the easy activities to gain entries.
      4. Earn additional entries for each referral as well.
      5. Setup an Iskra wallet and enter your address on the contest page.
      6. A total of 200 entrants will be chosen at random to receive 25 USDT apiece.
      7. 40 participants who recommend at least one new person will be chosen at random to get a 3-Kingdoms-Multiverse 4-star general NFT.
      8. The top three referrers will each receive up to $250 USDT.
      9. See this article for additional details about the giveaway.

      Pay Changer Airdrop

      1. Open the Pay Changer CREW3 airdrop page for more information.
      2. Link your wallet.
      3. Connect your Twitter and Discord accounts on your profile.
      4. Fulfil each of the offered tasks.
      5. New tasks will see addition as well, so keep checking back.
      6. The top 25,000 most active users will split a total sum of $50,000. Through the Paychanger Bonus dollar prize pool they can earn up to $500 Paychanger Bonus dollar apiece.
      7. Paychanger Bonus money can see use to pay the application’s commission as well as to link your service to their application.
      8. See this Medium post for additional details on the airdrop.

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