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      ICO Weekly News and Hot Airdrops - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 16, 2022

      8:31 AM UTC

      ICO Weekly News and Hot Airdrops - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs


      The ICO for Artyfact (ARTY) has been one that is making the rounds in the market and has already managed to raise almost $900,000 with almost a month remaining.

      ArtyFact has seen surging popularity due to its offering of the full set of blockchain tools, and wonderful execution of each of the next-gen resources to deliver a phenomenal web3 gaming experience. It combines elements of the immersive metaverse experience, as well as NFTs to trade and collect, all encapsulated within a well-planned play-to-earn economy. ARTY is likely to continue crushing its target, all while showing the roadmap toward successful Web3 gaming.

      Astra Protocol

      Another active protocol worth keeping on one’s radar is the of Astra Protocol (ASTR). This token sale is a wildly successful one, especially when considering the fact that it has pulled in $9 million, and still has an additional 4 days to go.

      This protocol is seeing such a positive response, given the core security issues in the world of blockchain, which it seeks to address. By using KYC verification, Astra seeks to incorporate global financial regulatory norms into a single protocol without sacrificing user anonymity, a key concept of decentralized finance. It provides the greatest long-term answer to some of the most significant issues with blockchain, such as fraud, illegal funding, and rug pulling.


      Ikonic is yet another ongoing ICO that is being closely watched by market fish and has reeled in a sum of $3.25 million. This number is expected to further climb in the next 5 days, as this token sale approaches its end.

      Ikonic is a platform that offers a fresh concept in gaming and caters to a potentially sizeable online market. It effectively gives players the power to record any memorable gaming event and coin it as an NFT. Given the popularity of online gaming across several platforms, such NFTs may be extensively gathered and exchanged, giving their owners the chance to earn monetizable benefits through them.

      Upcoming ICOs

      Galaxy Finance

      The Galaxy Finance (GLF) ICO is an extraordinary one to keep watch of and will initiate its token sale tomorrow. Although it has set its initial fundraising target at $110,000, GLF is expected to raise a lot more, as it enters into the market spotlight.

      Galaxy Finance is a wallet that works with the best features of Social Web 3.0, to deliver a highly personalized, educational, and social touch. This unique wallet allows holders to manage all their digital assets in one friendly domain and build up a portfolio, all while allowing them to stay connected to on-app friends.


      The Primal sporting platform is also a highly anticipated ICO, set to initiate later during the week. Even before officially kicking off, it received a total of $860,000 and crushed its initial target of $575,000.

      Primal allows users to experience a well-designed move-to-earn concept, incentivizing sports training through simple health tracker devices, such as a smartwatch. The platform also gives users the exciting opportunity to be a part of their favorite sports players’ inner circles, in addition to trading fan tokens. At present, over 250 sports ambassadors have joined on board, which include UFC fighters, cricketers, and football stars.


      The MTG ICO is also an interesting ICO that is scheduled to take place during the week and is trending across social media chatter.

      MTG is the ideal go-to blockchain service for those that are feeling lucky and seek an opportunity to win big on a chance basis. Any swap or transaction conducted via MTG would enter users into a lottery pool, with 1% of the transaction equating to the total ticket. Lottery wins will take place on a weekly basis, with 10 wallet winners declared each time. As MTG gains in popularity, the pool would widen, and so would the lottery award.

      Ended ICOs

      Crypto Pirates

      The Crypto Pirates (PST) ICO came to a close, in the prior week, and successfully reeled in its complete fundraising target of $860,000.

      Crypto pirates is an immersive web3 gaming experience that appeals to adventurous folk, with a keen sense for exploration. Players can explore the deep space within a metaverse context, in their pirate ships. In addition to hunting for valuable NFT artifacts, they can also battle it out with rival pirate ships, in their hunt for glory. This game brings to life one of the most compelling play-to-earn formats.


      The token sale for ECO was one of the most hyped of the year and had finally come to a riveting close during the prior week. The sheer interest surrounding the offering can be gauged by the fact that ECO managed to raise a sum of a staggering $35 million.

      ECO is such an appealing blockchain-based concept due to its user-friendliness and a high degree of simplicity. It gives users a single balance to work with, through which they can spend, store, or earn through. Earnings through ECO far outperform conventional checking account saving rates. Therefore, simplicity in concept will likely be a major driver toward widespread adoption, even among those unaware of blockchain technicalities.

      Hottest Airdrops

      ZKasino Airdrop

      1. Visit the testnet page for ZKasino.
      2. Link the page to your Metmask wallet.
      3. Change the network now to the testnet for Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync, or Fantom.
      4. To obtain testnet tokens, select “Request and tweet” and send out a tweet, as per instructions.
      5. To mint ZKUSD (ZKasino USD) and start playing the games, click “Mint.”
      6. Play some games by selecting the “Explore games” tab.
      7. Early users who have participated in testnet activities on the network may get an airdrop when ZKasino launches its own token, named “ZKAS.” This is likely to take place in the coming days.

      Deepwaters Airdrop:

      1. Go to the website for the Deepwaters testnet.
      2. Obtain testnet AVAX tokens from this page.
      3. Connect your AVAX wallet by returning to the Deepwaters testnet website.
      4. To receive Deepwaters testnet tokens, click “Faucet.”
      5. Trade your testnet tokens on the platform now.
      6. The Deepwaters team has committed to launching their token imminently, and will subsequently conduct an airdrop for early users who have completed the testnet activities.

      ZetaChain Airdrop:

      1. Visit the testnet page for ZetaChain.
      2. Verify your Twitter handle.
      3. Connect your Metamask wallet and switch to the Goerli network.
      4. Place a request to obtain test ZETA
      5. Additionally, in order to pay the gas charge, you will need to be holding test assets on each Additionally, in order to pay the gas charges, you will need test assets on each chain. Hop on to the official Discord page to obtain each chain’s faucet page link.
      6. Now navigate to the “Swap” area and perform swaps across testnet chains.
      7. Carrying out this testnet will award you randomized amount of ZETA points.
      8. Referrals will enhance your chance to earn rewards.

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