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      ICOs and Airdrops to Keep an Eye On This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 23, 2022

      12:38 PM UTC

      ICOs and Airdrops to Keep an Eye On This Week - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      Legends of Aria:

      Legends of Aria (ARIA) token sale continues in full swing and has received a sum of $2.05 million as of yet. The ICO has been underway since Wednesday of last week and has three further hours until its close. The project is essentially a complete loot, P2E gaming MMORPG, set in a medieval universe, with highly attractive in-game features. Players have the opportunity to set out on a legendary virtual adventure, and can fight, pillage, build, and trade, in order to build a virtual fortune.


      Another active ICO to keep watch of is Spume (SPUME), which offers a community-governed NFT marketplace. The token sale has already managed to raise $2.31 million as of yet and has a further 3 days to net in additional funds. The project is a highly ambitious one and seeks to revolutionize our approach to NFT markets through decentralization. Spume works to further remove dependence on bankers, brokers, and other middle parties, and thus facilitates the tokenization of both physical and virtual assets.


      Arrakis represents yet another exciting opportunity for those seeking to gain big on ICOs. The crypto-coin is essentially a utility token, that acts as a protocol to facilitate active and high-concentration liquidity management. With a further 15 days of token sale to go, Arrakis is yet to raise funds, without having a goal specified. The project taps into a specialized niche within decentralized finance and offers a secure and automated approach to liquidity management, which is fully community-owned. The technology is the first of its kind and could possibly bring about a breakthrough in how the financial world sees liquidity management.

      Upcoming ICOs


      In the list of upcoming ICOs, perhaps the most exciting opportunity comes with Civitas (CIVI), a community-driven P2E strategy game. The game is truly one of a kind and offers its thousands of players to cooperate or compete with one another to develop a favorable virtual society, through the control of cities within the in-game universe. These can all be experienced through augmented reality tools, further driving up the game’s appeal. Every player starts off with a plot of land, upon which they can build, harvest, or mine.

      The token sale is believed to begin within this month, without a date specified. Despite the ICO not yet initiated, the project has already reeled in an incredible $20 million.


      Yet another upcoming ICO to keep watch of is the blockchain game, MetaClash (PCORE). The game, which is built on Unreal Technology, is set in a hyper-realistic science fantasy world, that is brought to life through metaverse technologies. In-game economics and the reward system remain to be of the project’s most compelling features. The token sale is set to start anytime this month, yet the project has already net in $4.5 million, or 77% of its fundraising goal.


      Animalia (ANIM) is offering over 700,000 tokens of its 87 million total, with the aim of raising $2.67 million. The token sale is expected to start within the week, and the project has already raised $1.8 million of its fundraising goal.

      Animalia is a blockchain game that caters specifically to NFT enthusiasts. It offers a card game that features gemstones and meme creatures that are inspired by the crypto-verse. The game is likely to see surging popularity upon its launch, given its free-to-play nature, as well as the fan following it has gathered in the prior months.

      Ended ICOs


      The ICO for Chirpley (CHIRP) ended on Saturday, successfully meeting its complete fundraising goal of $430,000. 43 million of its one billion tokens had been sold throughout the ICO, with one CHIRP selling for $0.021. The project is one that ties in web3 technology to an influencer marketplace platform. Its attraction lies in its ability to enable end-to-end automated influencing campaigns through both machine learning and AI tools. Given these core strengths, CHIRP is likely to continue its climb in the secondary markets.

      Souls of Meta:

      Souls of Meta (SOM) also had its ICO end recently, on the 19th of August, raising a total of $1.62 million. This is especially impressive given that the initial target for the project had been set at only $600,000. Part of the reason for such a tremendous over-achievement was due to the appeal the project held. Souls of Meta is a unique third-person action RPG, which allows its players to own, trade, and monetize in-game NFT assets. The game offers a true adventure experience, allowing its players to travel through community-created realms, and complete exciting quests.

      Hottest Airdrops

      CryptoTanks Airdrops:

      1. Visit the CryptoTanks giveaway page.
      2. Submit your details and sign up.
      3. Buy at least 10 USDT on MEXC and hold it till the end of the event.
      4. Complete the remaining social tasks.
      5. A total of 15 participants will be randomly selected to win 333 BUSD each.
      6. Another 10 participants will also get a CryptoTanks NFT.
      7. The winners will be announced on September 3rd, 2022.

      Basic Attention Token Airdrops:

      1. Download and install Brave browser on your desktop device. Brave Ads will be integrated in Android and iOS apps in the coming months.
      2. Start Brave browser and click on the BAT triangle logo next to the address bar.
      3. A popup will occur where you enable rewards by clicking on “Join Rewards”.
      4. Now navigate to your reward settings from the popup or by typing “brave://rewards/” and make sure “Brave Ads” toggle is turned on.
      5. New offers will now be displayed to you in the form of notifications, as soon as they show up. This is designed to remain appropriate to the browser in a non-disruptive manner.
      6. Engaging with these displayed notifications, and viewing the ads would allow you to earn a 70% share of the revenue, with Brave receiving the remainder of 30%.
      7. BAT tokens that have been accumulated can be claimed at the end of each Brave Rewards monthly cycle. This can also be automatically donated to a sire of your choice, or your favorite content creators or friends.

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