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      ICOs and Airdrops to Keep Watch Of - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      October 18, 2022

      4:54 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      October 18, 2022

      4:55 PM UTC

      ICOs and Airdrops to Keep Watch Of - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      Galaxy Arena

      The virtual metaverse P2E game, Galaxy Arena (ESNC) iCO positions itself in becoming a major gaming hub in the metaverse. This virtual arena features the Galaxy Tower, which holds the nightclub and celestial casino with unique NFT units, as well as the Galaxy Gym, containing interactive VR health and fitness minigames. The third sector of the Galaxy Arena is the Entertainment Venue with six floors and 30,000 square meters of a virtual, adventure-packed domain.

      Given these exciting offerings, Galaxy Arena has raised $1 million of its $2.1 million fundraising goal in its ICO, which will end after 3 days.


      The Backstage (BKS) token sale continues to push through, with an additional two days remaining for it to raise funds, with no particular target being specified. 30% of the 1 billion tokens are being offered for sale within the ICO.

      Backstage brands itself as a pioneer in the Entertainment 3.0 phenomenon, where concerts, nightclubs, festivals and other event venues can be supported through the power of blockchain, metaverse features, as well as an NFT ticketing system.


      The ICO for Mirl also is underway, and aims to meet its $1 million target in the eight days of its token sale that remain. 35 million of the total 1 billion tokens are being put up for sale, with 1 MIRL being equivalent to $0.022.

      Mirl claims to be a pioneer of decentralized fashion existing within the metaverse. The project holds exclusivity in it being the sole decentralized fashion player seeking to act as an incubator in the virtual fashion world, whilst looking to establish both a brand of its own, along with a cohesive community, which offers value in the real, physical world.

      Upcoming ICOs


      The Moverse (MOVE) ICO is one that is closely watched, set to initiate sometime this month, and already having raised 60% of its $1 million fundraising target. Moverse holds tremendous interest amongst fitness enthusiasts, as well as value-chasers within the metaverse realm.

      Moverse offers a wide fitness ecosystem, which offers rewards to users for fitness activities, as well as an in-platform marketplace, and an NFT renting application. AI-based solutions form a core component of the Moverse experience, and is a great contributor to its fundraising success even before the official initiation of the token sale.


      The DeRace (DERC) ICO has caught everyone’s attention given the innovative idea it aims to bring to life. Although the token sale has been scheduled to take place in the next 2 days, $2.04 million has already been raised.

      DeRace is essentially a horse racing ecosystem, where players can have their NFT horses compete with those of others, and also be bred to produce unique horses with special attributes and traits. DeRace seeks to disrupt the traditional horseracing market through a transparent and decentralized approach. 

      LP Finance

      The blockchain service, LP Finance (LPFI) is another upcoming ICO that is just around the corner, scheduled to begin on the 24th of October. It has already raised $200,000 prior to the token sale. The defi service proposes to its users a wide range of personalized and leveraged strategies which employ synthetic assets in a manner that delivers optimized yields. The service employs next-gen blockchain tools that ensure scalability and peg-stability do not face compromise.

      Ended ICOs

      Aftermath Islands

      The ICO of the Aftermath Islands (DUBS) has proven to be a raging success, after pulling in a total sum of over $25 million against its $150,000 fundraising goal.

      This interactive and blockchain-based VR platform offers exciting islands with unique NFT offerings, along with visual-based activities. The Islands offer a gateway to adventure, whilst simultaneously offering the promise of rewards and earning.


      The GetKicks (KICKS) ICO has also come to a successful close after meeting its full fundraising goal of $1.43 million. The project seeks to integrate the trendy and dynamic world of sneakers to the domains of Web3 and NFTs. In addition to offering NFT sneaker sales, it also allows tangible sneaker sales, as well as the ability to earn KICKS while wearing the sneakers and completing a set of challenges.

      Hottest Airdrops

      Rubic X Rango Airdrop

      On Twitter, follow Rubic and Rango.

      Make at least one cross-chain swap on the Rubic exchange using Rango, the week’s dedicated supplier.

      To demonstrate that you have done a swap, tweet a screenshot of it with the respective hashtags, mentioning @cryptorubic and @RangoExchange, along with a like and quote-retweet of the Monday promo announcement thread.

      The most active swappers will have a chance to win valuable rare NFTs that will give them a year, without any cost on Rubic exchange. Additionally, during the marketing weeks, they will hold 5 AMA sessions where you may receive an AMA NFT.

      Following completion of the aforementioned requirements on their Galaxy website, you will be able to claim the NFT.

      See this Medium article for more details on the airdrop.

      Basic Attention Token Airdrop

      Install the Brave browser may on your desktop computer.

      In the upcoming months, Brave Ads will be incorporate into applications for iOS and Android.

      Click the BAT triangle icon next to the address bar after opening the Brave browser.

      When a dialog appears, select “Join Incentives” to enable rewards.

      Make sure to turn on the “Brave Ads” toggle by going to your reward settings from the popup or by entering “brave:/rewards/.”

      From this point forward, you will receive offers in the form of alerts at times the browser deems appropriate and non-intrusive.

      Simply interact with the alerts, click on the advertising, and you will receive 70% of the income from the seen ad, while Brave only gets 30%.

      You may redeem your accrued tokens at the conclusion of the Brave Rewards cycle each month. With BAT, you can tip friends or your favorite content providers, or it can donate each month, automatically, to the websites you visit the most. Soon, you’ll be able to spend BAT for premium content as well as exchange it for tangible incentives like gift cards, hotel stays, and restaurant coupons. Additionally, Brave is developing a feature that will enable users to withdraw BAT for personal use from their wallets and swap it for local fiat money through exchange partners.

      Defi Airdrop

      Register for a Cake Defi account.

      Log in after checking your mail.

      Finish the KYC verification process.

      Deposit $50 in any supported currency into the lending, staking, or liquidity mining freezers at this time.

      To qualify, the money must freeze for at least 28 days.

      You will receive DFI coins worth $30.

      Receive an additional $10 in DFI for each referral.

      In the Confectionery program, the rewards will lock in for 180 days, during which time you will automatically receive 34.5% interest.

      To keep up with more updates such as these,  be sure to watch out for our latest Stocks Telegraph articles.

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