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      ICOs to take keep an Eye on - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      July 19, 2022

      4:48 PM UTC

      ICOs to take keep an Eye on - Stocks Telegraph

      ICOs to take keep an Eye on

      Ongoing ICOs


      AMAZY is a web 3 application that is based on move to earn model and has a big team that is working on metaverse and an NFT marketplace, and they are being promoted by almost 650 influencers on social media and celebrities with an outreach of 650M+ followers and a potential userbase of millions.

      SHO Total Raise:

      • $250,000

      Date of ICO:

      • July 19th, 2022.

      Completed ICO


      beFITTER is a web3 application that is based onsocialfi and gamefi model that intends to fabricate a better ecosystem assisting clients and users of the application with adjusting their life, work on mental and actual wellbeing, gain accomplishments, and nevertheless get monetary benifits.Iceatea Labs is the lead VC and they have raised almost $600,000 in their SHO.


      The DEX on Cardano. Native and fast AMM decentralized exchange platform. cFund is the lead VC for this SHO and they raised almost $750,000 on their SHO.

      BBS Network

      BBS is the work of Eyal Hertzog who founded the primary and the first AMM known as Bancor. BBS is the first product based on the progressive new deWeb structure, permitting Social Platforms to be implicit in a decentralized way. Binance is their Lead VC and they have raised almost $550,000.

      Upcoming ICO

      Muon Network 

      The decentralized Muon network resembles a circulated supercomputer with a general working framework. It will be controlled by a worldwide local community of hub administrators and nodes, all boosted by the Muon token. This makes a strong and secure cloud calculation administration that can run any application/programming and interface with all open blockchains. It doesn’t even in the slightest bit replace blockchains, yet rather is an ideal innovation match and gives the subsequent stage in the development of the blockchain economy.

      Engines of Fury

      Engine of Fury is a fight field game based on Unity with rich 3D visuals and various exciting single and multiplayer interactivity modes. The economy of the game is deflationary where FURY is at the focal point of the game with loads of utility and a consistently expanding network.

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