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      Important ICO’s to Watch out for: Futurent, Ruby. Exchange, Metacloud - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      May 24, 2022

      4:13 PM UTC

      Important ICO’s to Watch out for: Futurent, Ruby. Exchange, Metacloud - Stocks Telegraph

      Active ICOs

      1. Futurent

      Blockchain technologies such as Futurent are employing this business model for real estate as well as for luxury goods. Their aim is to facilitate the growth of the metaverse as rapidly as possible. The ICO is of FUTR and it is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Currently, 1 FUTR is equal to $0.03. In total, there are about 1 billion tokens for FUTR out of which 30 million are on sale. At the time of writing, only 33% of the goal has been met.

      1. Ruby. Exchange:

      A token-based on the ERC-20 chain, the ICO token price of 1 RUBY is equivalent to $0.25. The token sale has been going on for a while now, where it started on the 13th of May and ends in about 22 days. The number of total tokens offered is 200,000,000 out of which the goal for the ICO is around 2.2 million.

      1. Metacloud:

      Another ICO whose blockchain is big on the metaverse. But this blockchain has its main focus on VR. CLOUD is a token built on the Binance chain. Out of its 1 billion tokens, 15% percent are for sale. The sale of the token started on the 5th of April and it is going to last till the 12th of June.

      Upcoming ICOs

      1. Tank Metaverse:

      One of the most awaited games employing bitcoin technology is finally having its ICO. TNK, the native token of Tank Metaverse, plans on selling 40% of its tokens. The reservations for the token sales are being held in advance. The proper transfer of the Token will be made on the 30th of May. At the time of writing, 65% of the sale has already been made.

      1. Konnect:

      The metaverse cannot be estranged from reality. Konnect knows this. This is why they are attempting to create a platform where finances between the two realms can be transferred. Konnect is based on the Ehtereum blockchain and out of its 1 billion tokens, 13% are available for sale. The sale will begin on 24th of May and by the time you’re reading this, it might already be on sale.

      1. Gagarin:

      Initial Dex Offerings are offering a stake in decentralized exchanges for some assets. GGR wants to become a platform where new and innovative projects can easily be incubated and sold to the public. It is based on the BEP-20 blockchain.  The tokens available for sale are 3 million. There is no exact date for this ICO but it is to start at the end of May.

      Ended ICO

      1. Creaton:

      The Web3 enthusiast Creaton sale ended on the 14th of May. The coin had a goal of 1.85 million dollars which it was easily able to meet. The sale of the token was at $0.54.

      1. Istep:

      A gaming token that did not require a large gathering of funds. Its goal was a measly $600,000. The sale ended on the 17th of May. But this seems to be the first of many sales for Istep.

      1. Freshcut:

      Freshcut set out an ambitious goal of gathering about $15,450,000. This is another one of the Web3 enthusiasts that is built for creators and fans and the primary purpose is to display content. The sale ended on the 10th

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