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      IMV Inc. Undergoes Drastic Shifts to Attain High Value - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 24, 2022

      7:33 AM UTC

      IMV Inc. Undergoes Drastic Shifts to Attain High Value - Stocks Telegraph

      IMV Inc. (NASDAQ: IMV) is a biotech player which describes itself as an ‘immuno-ocology company’. It has recently undertaken a number of major restructuring initiatives which it claims is part of a wider value-creating strategy.

      IMV Downsizes a Third of its Total Strength

      IMV is presently cutting down its staff size by 33%, in lieu of an operational shift, it has initiated, which will see its focus exclusively placed on the DPX platform, in which its prime candidate, MVP-S is currently under development. The decision comes following less than favorable trial results of its other candidates. MVP-S focuses primarily upon immuno-ocology. Another area where this restructure has been observed has been in the board structure, where Brittany Davison has been promoted to IMV’s Chief Accounting Officer and has been replaced by Saman Maleki, a Professor of Medical Biophysics, Pathology, and Oncology. The move highlights a shift to a more technically well-versed governance structure, better able to provide leadership to the company, given its broader ambitions.

      The Wider IMV Reorientation

      IMV’s decision to downsize and refocus resources on the DPX platform does not come in isolation. The move is part of a company-wide reorientation aiming at ensuring cash optimization. By letting go of low-promise trial candidates, IMV is essentially accelerating its Maveropepimut class of trials which are approaching several value-creating milestones within the short term. The move would boost the company’s financial sustainability as a whole, and help shed high-risk baggage with low prospects. Results of the chosen trials appear highly promising and give the company a much-needed go-ahead to proceed to phase IIb trials.


      IMV stock sees itself as being at a turning point, which is essentially a make-or-break junction for the company. The recent downsizing must be in no way a last-ditch effort at ensuring survival. It is rather an acceleration in IMV’s most valuable domains.

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