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      Infobird Co., Ltd (IFBD) is climbing high – What’s driving it higher? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahrukh Rehan

      Published on

      December 8, 2021

      8:32 AM UTC

      Infobird Co., Ltd (IFBD) is climbing high – What’s driving it higher? - Stocks Telegraph

      Infobird Co., Ltd (IFBD) saw a push of 11.4% in aftermarket. However, the last trading session concluded at $1.14 with a decline of 4.2%.

      Intelligent interactive training product – Upgradation News

      On 3rd December 2021, IFBD announced that it has enhanced its cloud-based intelligent interactive training SaaS offering. This will enable organizations to use technologies like AI chatbots to increase the efficiency and efficacy of sales. Moreover, sales or customer support employees may train with a virtual customer at any time.

      For clients with foreign training requirements, the enhanced solution now provides English training. These two tools, when used in conjunction with the company’s intelligent quality inspection solution, may establish closed-loop management of client interaction and sales or customer service agent training. In the future, this might help businesses generate even more commercial value.

      What’s Next?

      IFBD has a thorough grasp of companies’ sales and customer service management training issue areas as a result of many years of expertise in the customer engagement industry. When considering the high turnover rate as well as the continually updated communication scripts between representatives and consumers, the old method of training is just not as efficient.

      Therefore, the company is attempting to create an innovative method for businesses to train their reps. more effectively and efficiently. The nicest feature about this training method is that you can teach as many representatives as you want to meet the same requirements. This is especially essential for foreign businesses under the effect of Covid-19. This product is well-suited to scenarios such as telemarketing sales, cloud-call center customer support, retail reception, and on-site sales training. Lastly, this solution has already piqued the curiosity of a number of businesses in the banking and retail industries.

      WeChat Call Center Launch by IFBD – What’s New?

      On 16th August 2021, IFBD announced the launch of the WeChat Call Center. WeChat Call Center is a new intelligent SaaS solution that marks the Company’s debut into the sector of private domain traffic. Moreover, IFBD’s WeChat Call Center is a key component of the company’s standardized SaaS approach. It will assist businesses to increase the value of their existing clients. The Company plans to produce considerable value by creating new demand and seizing uncontested market space in a cost-effective way.

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