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      Inuvo Inc (INUV) stock surged in the current trading session; find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      April 26, 2021

      5:12 PM UTC

      Inuvo Inc (INUV) stock surged in the current trading session; find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      In the current trading session, Inuvo Inc. (INUV) stock has surged by 14.81% to $0.88 at the time of writing. INUV stock previously closed the session at $0.77. The INUV stock volume traded today at 2.75 million shares, while the average 3 months volume traded at 7.57 million. In the last 5 consecutive trading sessions, the INUV stock has jumped by 4.72%. In the past year, INUV shares soared by 242.49%. Furthermore, Inuvo Inc. is currently valued in the market at $89.75 million and has 97.94 million outstanding shares.

      Inuvo Inc.’s background operations

      Inuvo Inc. is a technology company that specifically focuses on information technology solutions and services business model. The company develops and sells information technology solutions; its product offering includes identifying the customers who are basically online audiences and messaging them regarding various products and sales pitch. This is done across many channels and formats that include mobile, connected TV, social media.

      Use of AI technology for digital and modern marketing

      The Inuvo’s platform allows advertisers and publishers to purchase advertising space in real time. Valiclick is the company’s marketing services which are provided either online or indirectly to various advertisers. This marketing service combines data analytics, digital marketing, and software to direct the tailored audience and platform for the merchant advertising messages with consumers (anonymous identity).

      Inuvo has also dwelled into the artificial intelligence segment to enhance its marketing services. IntentKey is an artificial intelligence system that recognizes the consumers’ intent and behavior pattern when visiting and surfing through the internet and specifically websites.

      Saracen Casino Resort utilizes IntentKey across all media channels

      On 22nd April 2021, Inuvo inc. made a press release that describes how their proprietary Artificial intelligence System- IntentKey has helped with the marketing strategy and provided artificial intelligence-based data and analytics to give insight into the behaviors of the audience for the Saracen Casino Resort.

      Saracen Casino Resort is Arkansas’ only purpose-built casino. The agency of record for the largest and most sophisticated casino is Heathcott Associates that aimed to use the most highly advanced and latest cutting edge marketing tactics for the Casino Resort. This is where Inuvo Inc. entered the picture with its AI-generated insights; the aim was to somehow generate month-over-month revenue growth even in pandemic and for that, they needed highly specialized and tailored marketing leads.

      The IntentKey adjusts and collects real-time data based on how consumers change their behaviors on websites and the internet. It then tailors that data and incorporates it into its insights which helps the marketing team initiate a strategy for marketing and attract an audience.

      IntentKey is Inuvo Inc.’s superior and cutting edge marketing solution

      Saracen Casino Resort saw the potential of IntentKey and implemented a budget in which the AI marketing system was incorporated with every media channel and platform. The AI platform has proved itself to be a cutting-edge marketing tool in the digital marketing era that stands out and attracts a lot of heavy clients and huge projects – which translate to great revenue margins the Inuvo Inc. and attractive information technology stock for people to invest in.

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