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      Investing in Apple Stock: Investor’s Guide

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 11, 2023

      12:50 PM UTC

      Investing in Apple Stock: Investor’s Guide

      In the global tech space, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) stands as an enduring force among US stocks, with its journey marked by the groundbreaking introduction of the iPhone in 2007.

      From fending off imitations to navigating through competition concerns, Apple’s iPhone remains unparalleled in quality and functionality. Beyond smartphones, Apple’s diversified portfolio encompasses services, Mac, wearables, and more.

      Anticipating continued global expansion, this article talks about investing in Apple stock the entry point of where investors can get a piece of this fabulous stock. Join us as we delve into the resilient market presence of Apple, exploring its growth prospects in various segments, including the promising Metaverse domain.

      Join us as we navigate the strategic terrain of investing in Apple stock in order to learn how to leverage this iconic tech giant’s diverse portfolio.

      Strategic Entry

      Determining the right entry point for investing in Apple stock is pivotal for prospective investors. Despite recent fiscal year underperformance, Apple’s robust balance sheet and cash flow make it an attractive prospect.

      The price-earning ratio of 31.98, which is higher than its 5-year average of 26.46 suggests a potential overvaluation, considering weak spots in product categories like iPhones and Macs.

      However, the pivotal aspect lies in Apple’s growing strength in services, with high-margin revenue and an expanding market share globally.

      The long-term outlook is positive, particularly with the potential growth fueled by Gen Z’s preference for iPhones, and other market news catalysts.

      While the US market share remains steady, global trends and the company’s dedication to shareholder rewards, evident in substantial share buybacks and dividends, make Apple a compelling investment.

      Investors eyeing a 10–15-year horizon may find Apple larger and more profitable, though market-beating returns might be challenging given its current valuation.

      Strategically timing entry is important, and investors should watch out for moments where the stock’s PE drops to 26 or below.

      FY23 Results

      Despite a dip in revenue, Apple’s 2023 fiscal year showcased remarkable strength, with a revenue of $383.29 billion and a gross profit of $169.15 billion. While the -2.8% YoY revenue decline raised concerns, the focus should shift to the impressive 44.13% gross profit margin, up from 43.31% in 2022.

      Notably, Apple’s net income stood at $97 billion, reflecting a profit margin of 25.31%. The company’s ability to grow earnings per share (EPS) to $6.16, a $0.01 increase, despite revenue challenges, underscores its resilience.

      Apple’s Services segment, foreseeing a $100 billion business, generated $85.2 billion in revenue, emphasizing the recurring revenue model.

      The return of capital strategy, with $812.3 billion returned to shareholders through buybacks and dividends in the past 11 years, highlights Apple’s commitment to rewarding investors, positioning it as a compelling long-term investment despite short-term revenue fluctuations.

      Despite the headline revenue decline, Apple’s robust profitability, evident in the increased gross profit margin and sustained net income, demonstrates its ability to weather market challenges.

      The resilience in EPS growth, even amidst revenue setbacks, signals operational efficiency. Investors should value the Services segment’s potential to become a $100 billion business by 2025, offering a steady, recurring revenue stream akin to industry giants like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure.

      Moreover, Apple’s strategic return of capital through buybacks and dividends not only rewards existing shareholders but also indicates a commitment to shareholder value.

      This buyback strategy, reducing outstanding shares by 33.71% over a decade, has a compounding effect on future earnings per share, making it an attractive proposition for long-term investors interested in investing in Apple stock.

      Near Time Upside Imminent

      Considering the recent iPhone 15 demand surge and Apple’s robust Q4 2023 earnings, there’s a near-term upside potential for Apple stock. The iPhone’s impressive growth, coupled with a resilient services segment showing a 16% YoY increase, signifies Apple’s capacity to weather market fluctuations.

      Despite declines in MAC and iPad sales, the overall financial health remains stable, with a marginal 0.16% dip in TTM revenue from Q3 to Q4 2023.

      Crucially, Apple’s improved operating and net income margins in Q4 2023 demonstrate enhanced profitability. Although long-term debt reduction is positive, a rise in short-term debt should be monitored.

      While free cash flow witnessed a slight decrease, the overall strength is evident, considering Apple’s historical growth trends. This near-term upside is significant for investors seeking an entry point, aligning with Apple’s resilient market position and potential for sustained growth amid dynamic industry projections.

      With Q4 2023 showcasing increased profitability, prospective investors can be confident in Apple’s financial robustness. The minor fluctuations in key metrics, coupled with the company’s historical growth trends, suggest a stable investment landscape.

      For those serious about investing in Apple stock, strategic timing is crucial to capitalize on this potential upside. Observing market dynamics and leveraging short-term fluctuations could lead to advantageous entry points.

      Additionally, considering the balanced risk-return profile, investors might find value in a long-term investment horizon. Diversifying within Apple’s segments, emphasizing the buoyant iPhone market and thriving services, aligns with mitigating risks.


      Investors with a keenness towards investing in Apple stock must strategically time their entry. Despite iPhone challenges, Q4 2023’s robust earnings and near-term upside signal a promising opportunity.

      The diversification within Apple’s segments, particularly the buoyant iPhone market, and thriving services, adds further strength to this outlook while minimizing risk. A long-term horizon aligns with Apple’s stability, emphasizing the art of strategic investing in this enduring tech giant.

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