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      Investing Strategy Led NXU Stock To Jump After-Hours

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 28, 2023

      9:14 AM UTC

      Investing Strategy Led NXU Stock To Jump After-Hours

      Nxu, Incorporated (NASDAQ: NXU) shares successfully reversed their downward trajectory during the extended trading session yesterday. The stock exhibited a noteworthy upswing of 26.32%, reaching $3.36 in after-market trading, contrasting with a 14.75% decline in the regular session, concluding at $2.66. This fluctuation in the stock price was prompted by a strategic business maneuver unveiled by the company.

      Nxu, Inc. (NXU) has formally executed definitive documents to conclude its strategic investment in Lynx Motors. This transaction not only solidifies Nxu’s commitment to leveraging strategic partnerships for the expedited development of superior highway electrification but also signifies the continued implementation of Nxu’s compliance plan to meet Nasdaq standards.

      The financial implications of this transaction include an augmented shareholder equity for Nxu, fortifying its ability to fulfill and sustain Nasdaq’s listing standards, extending beyond the deadline of April 7, 2024. The formalization of the Lynx partnership signifies the collaboration with a company that shares NXU’s vision of an electrified future. By synergizing industry knowledge and aligning ambitious goals, NXU and Lynx aim to amplify their collective impact on the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging infrastructure.

      As a consequence of this transaction, NXU is poised to continue executing its Nasdaq compliance plan and further substantiate the rationale behind the extension of the compliance period granted to the company. Nxu’s investment is structured as a share exchange, wherein $3 million in Nxu shares will be reciprocated for $3 million in Lynx shares, effectively reflecting the value of Lynx shares as an asset on the Company’s balance sheet.

      Furthermore, Nxu has secured one seat on Lynx’s Board of Directors, providing the company with a hands-on opportunity to contribute to Lynx’s development and monitor the status of its investment. To expedite the electrification process, Lynx has issued an interest-free promissory note of $250,000 to Nxu in exchange for a $250,000 bridge loan. The agreement is contingent upon registration rights and representations and warranties that endure beyond the closing.

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