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      IPO Takes Maris-Tech (MTEK) To New Heights - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 17, 2022

      9:39 AM UTC

      IPO Takes Maris-Tech (MTEK) To New Heights - Stocks Telegraph

      Maris-Tech Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTEK) is an Israeli tech company that specializes in both video and audio hardware and software tools, which it offers to both defense and IoT markets across the globe.

      New Horizons for Maris-Tech Ltd.

      In February 2022, Maris-Tech Ltd. had gone public, and raised a total of $17.8 million in its IPO, allowing it to accelerate its expansion, and venture to new heights. In particular, this cash injection was primarily attributed to research and development, as well as to marketing.

      Given the milestones and achievements of Maris-Tech ever since this financing has clearly been advantageous to the company. The company received a purchase order relating to the Beresheet 2 Lunar Mission. It also received its first direct customer order worth $300,000, indicating its potential to expand beyond its B2B model. It is evident that Maris-Tech is well on its way to establishing a much wider presence, and entering the world stage. This indicates the success in its marketing efforts, as well as service quality.

      MTEK Achievements

      MTEK, in addition to its role in the Beresheet 2 Lunar Mission, as well as its US direct order, has also surpassed some serious milestones in recent months. Maris-Tech’s flagship product, Jupiter AI finally was launched to ensure multiple video streams using AI acceleration. Moreover, following its IPO MTEK also made serious strides in the defense market, securing repeat orders from major players in the industry. All of these point to how MTEK stock is on the verge of enormous growth.


      Ever since the IPO of Maris-Tech, the company has taken off and is soaring to new heights. This epic rise is likely to result in a price jump in MTEK stock, as the market realizes its fundamental strengths.

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