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      Is Quantum Computing (QUBT) Stock Rising Today For A Reason?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      August 1, 2023

      5:09 PM UTC

      Is Quantum Computing (QUBT) Stock Rising Today For A Reason?

      Quantum Computing Inc. (NASDAQ: QUBT) saw a remarkable surge in the current market, with its shares up by 10.92% at $1.58, following a 14.52% increase in the previous session, where it closed at $1.42.

      The rise in QUBT stock seemed unaccompanied by any immediate news, prompting a closer examination of recent developments to gain a comprehensive understanding.

      Quantum Computing (QUBT) made a significant breakthrough with its Quantum Photonic Vibrometer (QPV), a groundbreaking tool tailored for remote vibration detection, sensing, and inspection.

      This revolutionary device stands as the world’s first quantum-accelerated photonics vibrometer available in the market, boasting remarkable enhancements in sensitivity, speed, and resolution.

      What sets it apart is its unparalleled ability to detect obscured and non-line-of-sight objects, opening up a plethora of military and commercial applications like material recognition, enhanced surveillance, infrastructure integrity, and preventive industrial maintenance, all achieved at safe distances with minimal energy and optical power requirements.

      In a world driven by ever-evolving market demands and cutting-edge technology, Quantum Computing (QUBT) emerges as a true game-changer.

      The Quantum Perceptive Vision (QPV) is a revolutionary product born from the critical needs identified by Quantum Computing’s customers in the field of optical detection and imaging.

      Objects concealed around corners, beneath the earth’s surface, or soaring high in the sky—QPV’s exceptional abilities can perceive them all. With uncanny precision, it captures data from hidden objects by sensing their natural vibrational frequencies or responsive acoustic signals.

      This breakthrough technology promises to revolutionize autonomous systems and machine vision, ushering in a new era of swift and proactive safety measures.

      Not resting on its laurels, Quantum Computing recently received a prestigious subcontract award from the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) to develop and test an innovative photonic sensor instrument for none other than NASA Ames.

      This cutting-edge device will analyze atmospheric particulates like clouds, aerosols, smoke plumes, and volcanic ashes. Beyond detection, it will delve into the physical properties of these particles, unraveling their size, shape, and chemical composition.

      This marks the third task order from NASA and the second collaboration with a research center within the prestigious organization. The anticipation is palpable as Quantum Computing aims to deliver the photonic sensor in the first quarter of 2024. With such groundbreaking innovations on the horizon, the future is undeniably bright for Quantum Computing and the awe-inspiring QPV.

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