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      Is SRM Entertainment Stock Doing Well Today?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 20, 2023

      5:44 PM UTC

      Is SRM Entertainment Stock Doing Well Today?

      SRM Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: SRM) is currently experiencing a notable upturn on the US stock charts, exhibiting a 7.32% increase to $2.72 as per the latest assessment in the current trading session. The surge in SRM Entertainment stock can be attributed to the recent unveiling of its new website.

      In a strategic move, SRM Entertainment (SRM) has officially introduced its retail website, This platform not only elevates the user experience but also showcases the capabilities of the company’s in-house marketing team through the incorporation of fresh imagery and product illustrations.

      The team adeptly conveys the functionality and advantages of the popular SipWithMe cups, featuring characters from the Smurfs & Zoonicorn franchises alongside SRM’s endearing Trend Animal collection. Distinguished by its user-friendly interface and aesthetic appeal, the newly launched retail website serves as a promotional hub for SRM’s products.

      This aligns with the overarching Sip with Me marketing campaign, encompassing a comprehensive social media advertising initiative. Furthermore, Sip with Me cups are available for purchase on various platforms, including Amazon, theme parks, restaurants, and other global retailers.

      Looking ahead, SRM is set to kick off its 2024 Sip with Me marketing campaign, incorporating elements such as social media advertisements, a dedicated consumer website (, and participation in wholesale trade shows in Las Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta. The company remains committed to fostering consumer brand awareness for its patented children’s cups, showcasing characters from the Smurfs & Zoonicorn franchises alongside the beloved Trend Animal collection.

      SRM’s consumer Sip with Me social media advertising campaign is poised to launch on Meta and TikTok, coinciding with the debut of its consumer website. The month of January marks the trade show season, during which SRM will be actively present in Dallas, Atlanta, and Las Vegas. This strategic presence aims to create new avenues for wholesale customers to procure their preferred products and cups.

      SRM Entertainment will proudly exhibit its complete product line, featuring the Sip with Me kids drinkware product mix with characters from the Smurfs and Zoonicorn franchises at these influential trade shows.

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