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      Is 15% Gain In RCRT Stock Today Due To Anything Specific?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      August 15, 2023

      2:56 PM UTC

      Is 15% Gain In RCRT Stock Today Due To Anything Specific? Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: RCRT) has witnessed a notable upswing of 15.50%, reaching $0.2340 during the initial trading hours as of the most recent update on Tuesday.

      In the preceding trading session, the valuation of’s shares surged by 10.11%, culminating at $0.2026. This notable surge in RCRT stock value can be attributed to an ongoing takeover proposition.

      In a significant development, (RCRT) has divulged that Futuris Company (OTC: FTRS), a distinguished authority in the realm of Human Capital Management (HCM), has formally agreed to acquire RCRT’s specialized healthcare staffing division, subject to the requisite approvals from clients.

      This strategic maneuver undertaken by Futuris firmly establishes its foothold within the domain of healthcare staffing, simultaneously reinforcing the shared commitment of both entities to broaden their service portfolios and facilitate expansive growth trajectories.

      The parameters of the agreement stipulate that specific client agreements currently held by will be transitioned to Futuris or its affiliated entities. The compensation for this transaction encompasses a tranche of Futuris stock, appraised at $500,000, as well as a proportion of the ongoing gross profits, with an upper limit set at $2 million.

      Upon the consummation of the requisite closing conditions, including the essential green-lighting from clients, the transaction is poised for prompt finalization. Notably, the financial results for the second quarter terminating on June 30, 2023, have recently been released by

      Demonstrating its steadfast dedication to a streamlined and focused strategic trajectory, RCRT achieved noteworthy progress in the second quarter of 2023.

      By orchestrating a reduction in operational expenses by more than 60% from the preceding quarter and capitalizing on additional income derived from governmental credits, RCRT achieved a remarkable reduction of over 70% in its net loss and, additionally, attained a favorable adjusted EBITDA of $39.7 thousand.

      This quarter emerges as a pivotal juncture, substantiating RCRT’s resolute emphasis on technological advancements and solutions fueled by artificial intelligence.

      Harmonious with its overarching strategic blueprint, RCRT has recently embarked upon a groundbreaking endeavor: the announcement of a proposed asset acquisition concerning fintech assets from GoLogiq.

      Meticulously planned and executed over the preceding quarters, this strategic transaction has materialized in the formation of CognoGroup, Inc., a potential epicenter for RCRT’s current operational pursuits.

      Concurrently, RCRT has entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement to secure 1,000,000 Series A Preferred Stock of Atlantic Energy Solutions, an enterprise publicly quoted on the OTC Markets. These intricately calibrated initiatives eloquently reflect RCRT’s unwavering commitment to advancing its strategic mission.

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