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      Kaltura Inc. (KLTR) Climbs After Crucial Management Decision - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 3, 2022

      8:24 AM UTC

      Kaltura Inc. (KLTR) Climbs After Crucial Management Decision - Stocks Telegraph

      Kaltura Inc. (NASDAQ: KLTR) is a software company that provides both SaaS and PaaS products and solutions. Its primary market remains those seeking video products such as webinars, virtual events, remote classrooms, and more. Its recent price rally relates to a buyout offer rejection

      Market Rallies KLTR After Buyout Offer Rejected

      KLTR stock surged yesterday, during the post-market hours, in a jump exceeding 16% from $2.22 to $2.59. The trigger seems to come following the company’s public rejection of a buyout offer from the video platform and streaming company, Panopto. The offer at $3 a share, valued Kaltura at over $436 million, a figure which the management maintains represents a severe undervaluation. To put this figure into context, when the company announced its rejection, its market capitalization stood at $272 million. The management further stated that it is focused on long-term value creation for its shareholders, which the market clearly took as a positive trigger, driving up KLTR’s price.

      The Ground Reality for Kaltura

      The truth of the matter is Kaltura has been struggling ever since its IPO in July 2021, which delivered it proceeds of $150 million. Ever since the company’s reports have shown increasing operating losses which place its growth trajectory on a flat trend. In addition to the broader macroeconomic headwinds, Kaltura has been facing customer retention challenges, as well as cost control. Its rejection of a premium price offer indicates potential plans for a possible rebound or a shift in business strategy. Only time will tell if the management’s rejection decision will prove favorable in the future.


      KLTR is presently at the center of attention within the market. The decision by its management to reject a premium offer may prove consequential in the long term. However, market bulls seem optimistic that this plays into the interest of shareholders.

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