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      Karuna (KRTX) Stock Flying High On US Charts, Why?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 22, 2023

      7:30 PM UTC

      Karuna (KRTX) Stock Flying High On US Charts, Why?

      Karuna Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: KRTX) shares are currently exhibiting significant traction within the US stock market today. Upon the latest assessment in the current session, Karuna’s stock has surged by an impressive 47.07%, reaching a trading value of $316.49. This noteworthy ascent in KRTX stock can be attributed to a strategic takeover initiative.

      Karuna (KRTX) has formally declared its entrance into a definitive merger arrangement with Bristol Myers Squibb. In accordance with this agreement, Bristol Myers Squibb has committed to acquiring Karuna at a rate of $330.00 per share in cash, culminating in a comprehensive equity valuation of $14.0 billion, or $12.7 billion after accounting for estimated cash assets. The transaction has received unanimous approval from the Boards of Directors at both Bristol Myers Squibb and Karuna.

      The realm of neuroscience presents formidable opportunities, and Karuna’s integration into Bristol Myers Squibb is poised to fortify the latter’s market standing while expediting the augmentation and diversification of its portfolio in this domain. This strategic move aligns seamlessly with Bristol’s overarching business development objectives, emphasizing the pursuit of assets that are strategically aligned, scientifically robust, financially compelling, and capable of addressing significant unmet medical needs.

      Karuna’s portfolio introduces groundbreaking advancements in treatment, marking a departure from conventional approaches. Leveraging Bristol Myers Squibb’s extensive experience in the global development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals, coupled with its established legacy in neuroscience, the lead asset KarXT and other assets in Karuna’s pipeline are well-positioned to cater to individuals grappling with schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease psychosis.

      Anticipated to conclude in the first half of 2024, the transaction is expected to slightly dilute Bristol Myers Squibb’s non-GAAP diluted earnings per share by approximately $0.30 in 2024. This dilution is primarily attributed to the financing cost associated with the transaction. Bristol Myers Squibb anticipates mitigating the operational expenses through ongoing resource allocation, cost efficiencies, and portfolio prioritization.

      Under the stipulations of the merger agreement, Bristol Myers Squibb is set to acquire all outstanding shares of Karuna common stock at a rate of $330.00 per share in cash, representing an approximate 53.4% premium over Karuna’s closing stock price on December 21. The completion of the transaction is contingent upon meeting customary closing conditions.

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