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      Latest ICOs/IDOs & Airdrops in the Crypto Market to Delve into - Stocks Telegraph

      By Gule Rukhsar

      Published on

      July 27, 2022

      10:12 AM UTC

      Latest ICOs/IDOs & Airdrops in the Crypto Market to Delve into - Stocks Telegraph

      Investment is all about returns and to ensure a maximum return in the crypto market, ICOs are one of the best channels. But with high return also comes higher risk, hence, it is crucial to tread with care in this arena. Here are some of the active ICOs in the market:

      ICOs/IDOs to Watch Out for

      Aura Network, a scalable, agile, and effortless Layer-1 blockchain, commenced token sale on the 9th of June. The IDO happening on Impossible Finance is set to end today, July 27. So far, it has raised $2,500,000 while the fundraising goal was $750,000.

      inSHAPE is a lifestyle app on the BSC ecosystem which rewards your workouts. This Ultimate Move to Earn app commenced token sale on July 26 which will end on August 7. Its IDO will happen on TrustFi on August 3. It has accumulated $120,000 so far while the fundraising goal is 45,000,000 tokens.

      Metacloud is a blockchain-based VR Metaverse that held its ICO on April 5 and the sale is set to end in 13 days. With its 15% tokens available for sale, it has managed to receive $780,000 so far.  

      One should always invest time before investing money — better research and analyze projects before investing in them. Here are some upcoming projects to watch out for: 

      Wombat, the Web 3 gaming platform will commence token sale today, July 27. The IDO will take place on Polkastarter but the closing date has not been announced yet. Wombat has managed to raise $8,500,000 until now.

      BovineVerse is another Web 3.0 gaming platform but it’s not just that, it is a genesis Fi+ metaverse platform. Its IDO will happen on August 11 on Poolz but there is no ending date as of yet. BioneVerse expects to raise $175,000.  

      Here’s a list of some ICOs that have ended recently:

      Fusotao is a verification protocol for an orderbook-based matching system. Fusotao’s IDO ended on 26th. The project surpassed its fundraising goal of $200,000 with the total raised funds being $2,600,000.

      Amazy, a web3 app platform, held their IGO on July 13 on Seedify. The token sales ended on July 19 and raised $2,600,000 against their goal of $550,00.

      Cantina Royale is a tactical arcade shooter which uses the Metaverse Experience Framework. Its token sale ended on July 19 which collected $6,000,000 in funds.

      Land of Conquest is an MMOSLG blockchain in the ruins of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It raised 100% of its target funds in the IGO that ended on July 19.

      Airdrops not to miss out on

      Here are some of the hottest airdrops in the market for you to get your hands on:

      PunkPanda Giveaway 

      •         Go to PunkPanda giveaway page.
      •         Enter your details and sign up
      •         Earn entries through simple tasks
      •         20 random participants will end up winning up to 6,000 PPM

       OWNR Wallet Airdrop 

      •         Head to OWNR Wallet giveaway page
      •         Sign up and enter your information
      •         Earn entries through simple tasks and referrals
      •         10 participants will win up to 10 USDT each
      •         Top 3 referrers will win 100 USDT each
      •         Winners declaration will be on August 4, 2022

       LI.FI Airdrop 

      •         Go to LI.FI bridge
      •         Connect your wallet & select source chain as well as coin
      •         Complete the swap by selecting the destination chain
      •         The bridge would possibly make you eligible for an airdrop if LI.FI launches its own coin
      •         Using the bridge, you might also become eligible for Arbitum speculative retroactive airdrop

       Overline Airdrop 

      •         Head to Overline airdrop page
      •         Signup by submitting your details
      •         Verify your email
      •         Get a free ōLand NFT
      •         Earn more ōLand NFTs through referrals

       D/Bond’s Airdrop 

      •         Go to D/Bond’s airdrop page
      •         Sign up by submitting your information
      •         Earn up to 35 DBIT through social media tasks
      •         Extra tasks mean extra DBit tokens
      •         50 users will also get to win D/NFTs

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