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      Launch of New Service; Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) Soars Pre-Market - Stocks Telegraph

      By Gule Rukhsar

      Published on

      November 18, 2021

      12:00 PM UTC

      Launch of New Service; Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) Soars Pre-Market - Stocks Telegraph

      Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) goes up by a further 7.05% in the pre-market, against its previous gain of 4.00% at the market close on November 17. The stock went up from $1.56 to $1.67 at a volume of 135.1 thousand in the pre-market. Moreover, in intraday trading, the stock saw a high of $1.81 and a low of $1.49, at a volume of 3.34 million. While, in the 52-week range, the stock went as high as $11.00 and as low as $1.44. In the last 5 days, the stock saw a value gain of 6.12% while losing 56.18% year to date. Aurora Mobile stands at a market capital of $176.8 million currently.

      The company announced the launch of its verification service and customized service package on November 17 after the market closed. This news seems to be the reason for the continuation of the stock’s gain.

      More about Aurora Mobile Limited (JG)

      Founded in 2011, Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) through its subsidiaries, operates as a mobile development service provider in China. Its services include but are not limited to one-click verification and APP traffic monetization services. The company serves mobile developers in media, entertainment, gaming, financial services, tourism, e-commerce, education, and healthcare industries.

      Launch of New Services

      Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) launched its verification service and customized service package on Huawei Cloud. The verification service called Jverification and customized service package both were launched after numerous tests on its functionality. As per the announcement, this launch on the cloud enables developers to easily purchase and use the Jverification service just by logging in to a Huawei Cloud account. The function of this service is to improve the security of the user’s identity verification process along with the improvement of user experience and operational efficiency.


      On September 9, 2021, Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) announced its second-quarter financial results for 2021. The Q2 financial highlights for the Group as a whole reported revenue of RMB89.0 million (US$13.8 million). This revenue went down by 32% year over year. In addition, the gross profit for the quarter showed an increase of 26% year over year, standing at RMB67.4 million ((US$10.4 million). Furthermore, the reported non-GAAP net loss for the quarter was RMB23.6 million (US$3.7 million). While the non-GAAP net loss for Q2 2020, was RMB32.1 million.

      Aurora Mobile Limited (JG) is set to declare the third quarter financial results for 2021, on November 23, 2021.

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