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      Longeveron Inc. (LGVN) stock went up in the current trading session; here’s what recently happened - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      April 13, 2021

      2:58 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 2, 2021

      4:31 AM UTC

      Longeveron Inc. (LGVN) stock went up in the current trading session; here’s what recently happened - Stocks Telegraph

      Longeveron Inc. (LGVN) stock was rising 10.84% to trade at $7.87 in the current market at the time of writing.  LGVN’s stock closed at $6.92 in the previous session. The LGVN stock volume traded at a total of 14.95 million shares.

      Longeveron’s overall background and lead product development

      Longeveron is a clinical biotechnology company that specifically focuses on innovating and uniquely approaching the design, production, and testing of its therapies. The company differentiates its therapies by working on specific age-related and life threatening conditions.

      LGVN stock’s lead product is LOMECEL-BTM which is still in the developmental and trial phase. LOMECEL-BTMtherapy works as a cell-based product. It is a product derived through the culture-expanded medical signaling cells. These MSCs are then sourced from healthy and fit adult donors’ bone marrows. The concept behind the therapy for Longeveron’s product is that the cells that are associated with the function of tissue and organ repair, immune system function and maintenance, then it is possible to use them to procreate the same effects in therapies. The cell-based therapy would be used for the application of diseases and disorders that come with the aging process and other medical disorder.

      The recent news on LGVN stock

      On 13th April 2021, the LGVN stock announced that it has achieved primary safety endpoints of phase I clinical study of Lomecel-B cell for Alzheimer’s disease. The study has shown positive results which validate the secondary efficacy evaluation support potential benefit for Lomecel-B.

      The details in the press release of the Clinical Phase I trial indicated the “use of a randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind design which tested the single i.v of Lomecel-B 20 million cells and Lomecel-N 100 million cells or placebo”. The test studied the subjects for 52 weeks post the administration and fusion of the therapy. The trial was funded partly by an Alzheimer’s Association Part the Cloud Challenge on Neuroinflammationgrant.

      • Highlights of the key findings and preliminary data show that:
      • Lomecel-B’s trial test showed that it did not develop any treatment-related serious side-effects through the 1-year follow-up.
      • The average MME score that measures cognitive functioning, declined more slowly in low dosage of Lomecel-B and quicker in the placebo effect.
      • 26 weeks post the infusion time, patients in the low-dose Lomecel-B group showed significantly higher average score on the QOL-AD along with better ADCS-ADL measures as compared to the placebo group.

      Longeveron’s current and future prospects

      The investigative products of Longeveron are currently in phase 1 and 2 trials clinically and are being developed for the indication of: Aging Frailty, Alzheimer’s disease, Metabolic Syndrome, ARDS, and HLHS.

      The company reported its financial outlook; the first quarter of 2021 saw an increased cash asset by $29.1 million through IPO funds. The cash position was $24.5 million as of 30th March 2021. The prediction by the company is that based on current operating plans the capital will be enough to drive them through the fourth quarter of 2022.

      The main current aim of LGVN stock is to advance all of its cell-based candidates including LOMECEL-BTM into the defining phase 3 trials along with completing the approval staging processes as well as commercialization phase. These successful developments in its operation boost the LGVN stock’s value.

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