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      MiNK Therapeutics (INKT) Stock Aiming For T-Cell Treatment Breakthrough - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 23, 2022

      1:03 PM UTC

      MiNK Therapeutics (INKT) Stock Aiming For T-Cell Treatment Breakthrough - Stocks Telegraph

      MiNK Therapeutics (NASDAQ: INKT) is one of the only biopharmaceutical companies that has gone all in, in regards to invariant natural killer T cells (iNKT) therapy, as a means of combatting some of the most serious diseases and infections human beings face. Therapies of this nature tap into the natural strengths of the human immune system, and specifically T cells, to treat cancer, viral infections such as Covid-19, and a range of other conditions. Moreover, presently MiNK Therapeutics has three ongoing trials relating to iNKT treatment for distinct conditions. Data from these trials are expected to release within this year.

      INKT Stock Price Prospects

      INKT stock price started off at a high of at a high note upon its IPO, which took place in October 2021, entering the market at $12.04. In just a month, the hyped-up bulls rallied MiNK Therapeutics’ price to over $20. As hype dissipated in the following weeks, the stock fell to below $3, where it has remained ever since. As data eventually flows in this year, relating to the company’s ongoing trials, investors can expect price catalyst points through and throughout. Cash holdings as per INKT’s recent balance sheet stand at $29.8 million, delivering to it a runway of almost 2 years.


      INKT stock is clear that investors would be keen to place on their radars. Additionally, the company is working in a promising domain that could take off if its trials see success. In the case of commercialization, INKT stock price could see a tremendous boom.

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