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      Model N (MODN) Stock Remained Steady Despite Insider Selling

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 20, 2023

      9:16 AM UTC

      Model N (MODN) Stock Remained Steady Despite Insider Selling

      Model N, Inc. (NYSE: MODN) shares demonstrated resilience on Friday, remaining stable despite notable instances of substantial insider selling. The stock exhibited a noteworthy surge of 2.53%, concluding the week’s trading session at $23.52. The insiders collectively offloaded 42,605 shares at an average price of approximately $23. Across eight transactions conducted on November 16 and 17, the cumulative divestment amounted to $979,291.

      A total of seven executives from Model N (MODN) engaged in the sale of company shares, comprising Chief Executive Officer Jason Blessing, Chief Revenue Officer Christopher Lyon, Chief Product Officer Suresh Kannan, Chief Services Officer Mark Albert Anderson, Chief Financial Officer John Ederer, Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer Rehmann Rayani, and Chief People Officer Laura Selig.

      Despite the substantial insider selling, MODN stock displayed significant resilience, unaffected by any material adverse news. Consequently, attention can be redirected towards recent developments that appear to contribute to the stock’s stability. In the preceding week, Model N management delivered a presentation at the RBC Capital Markets Global Technology, Internet, Media, Telecommunications Conference on November 15.

      MODN has recently introduced Channel Collaboration, a novel self-service portal tailored for high-tech manufacturers and their channel partners. This platform furnishes real-time visibility into channel data, facilitating expedited and well-informed business decisions while ensuring compliance with channel protocols.

      Channel collaboration assumes a pivotal role in the high-tech manufacturing domain, with channels exerting a profound influence and channel revenue outpacing direct sales revenue growth. Consequently, the availability of collaboration software offering insights into sales, pricing, and incentives becomes imperative.

      Manufacturers embracing real-time channel insights gain a competitive advantage over counterparts lagging in the digital transformation of their revenue operations. MODN’s Channel Collaboration serves as the partner portal for Channel Data Management (CDM), offering real-time data collection, standardization, and insights to assist manufacturers in validating channel partner data.

      This includes inventory, point of sale (POS), end-customer price points, and more. The information gleaned aids in assessing the efficacy of channel programs and eligibility for diverse incentive programs such as ship & debit, rebates, and market development funds (MDFs).

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