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      Most Recent Crypto-Winners - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      October 20, 2022

      5:15 PM UTC

      Most Recent Crypto-Winners - Stocks Telegraph

      Even though the extreme fearful sentiment in the market remains pervasive, this has not stopped market bulls from driving up prices of cryptocurrencies to new heights they had never previously surpassed. The following cryptocurrencies, as of the writing of this article, reached their all-time highs in recent days:


      Risu is the first name on our list of ATH winners, which is a one-month-old cryptocurrency, that has taken off spectacularly yesterday, following a roadmap update by the developers of the project. This saw RISU jump suddenly from $0.00019 to $0.00065, taking it up to a new height it had not previously jumped to before. Prior to this, the previous ATH point was $0.00047, which RISU had reached the beginning of October.


      Raresema (POOP) has also turned heads in the market after it successfully reached $0.098, earlier today, a price it had never made it to previously. This rise did not prove to be a short-lived peak, considering that POOP has fallen only 4% from this ATH point. This suggests that the cryptocurrency could very well cross the 10-cent mark, which would be a tremendous milestone achievement in its price trend.


      MetFi (MFI) has been in the trade since early July, but it was not until September that it truly began its epic take-off. MFI has been on a gradual rise ever since, which culminated in it crossing its mid-September peak of $7,795 yesterday. This brought the crypto-asset an ATH of $9,088, which has been highly remarkable, pushing it on the verge of a five-figure region.

      3X Short PAXG Token

      3X Short PAXG Token (PAXGBEAR) has been in circulation since early 2020 and has been steadily rising from its all-time low of $2,951 ever since. The token captures bearish sentiment towards PAX Gold, which has been declining severely in the last week. As a result, PAXGBEAR continued its resilient upward rise, and made it to a new ATH, crossing the $13,000 mark.

      PDX Coin

      PDX Coin had hovered close to the $21 mark since its initial circulation in the crypto-market in April, this year. It was not until last month that PDX began its bullish rise, which has been consistently pushing it to new heights with each oncoming day. Its most recent achievement comes yesterday when the coin had made it to $39.97, making its rise to $40 imminent later today.

      Top Movers (24H)

      As some crypto-assets made news by raising the bar, making it to new all-time high points, others delivered wins by showing price appreciation by substantial degrees within a single day. These top crypto-movers have proven to be winners to their holders, taking their investment amounts to higher fair values. At the time of the writing of this Stocks Telegraph issue, the following names stand as being the top movers from the last 24 hours:


      7S boasted the most impressive take-off among cryptocurrencies today, given its single-day rise from $0.000034 to its present price of $0.000205. This impressive rise translates to almost 460%. 7S began trading in the secondary crypto-market today, and bulls have been raising the bar to where they believe this promising cryptocurrency stands. Although many market participants remain cautious given that little information has been revealed about the project or its use case.

      Bitindi Chain

      Bitindi Chain (BNI) was yet another crypto-winner today, after seeing a 165% price rise from $0.031 to a high of $0.079. The interest comes after the project’s management team undertook a Reflections payment, signaling an ecosystem expansion that many in the market had desperately been awaiting. Given the news, trade volume for BNI almost doubled from $500,000 yesterday, to over $1 million today. Based on the momentum trends, many expect this growth trajectory to continue throughout the day.

      The Protocol

      The Protocol (THE) also undertook a tremendous rise in the last 24 hours, given its reputation as a meme currency that its followers claim is the ultimate rival to the dogecoin. THE doubled in price today from $0.018 to $0.036 in a steady path. Given the sheer hype of the cryptocurrency, the trade volume too has doubled since yesterday from $7 million to over $14 million at present.

      DMM: Governance

      DMM: Governance (DMG) earlier today, experienced a staggering price explosion of over 600%, taking its price up from $0.0083 to $0.0600. This immediately triggered a volume rush from $2.5 million to over $22 million, bringing a correctional price plummet down to $0.01. Throughout the day, however, DMG has been persistently fighting to steadily climb high. As a result, it delivered a net gain of almost 80% in the last 24 hours alone.

      Diamond Launch

      Diamond Launch (DLC) remained stable around the 10-cent mark throughout the day, until the last few hours when its price jumped up unexpectedly from $0.10 to $0.15, translating to a gain of 55%. Since trade volume has seen an explosive rise from $300,000 to over $5 million, many anticipate these gains to climb much higher throughout the rest of the day.

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