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    Nanomix Corporation (NNMX) Faces Upcoming Growth Catalysts

    By Wasim Omar

    Sep 02,2022

    9:32 AM UTC

    Nanomix Corporation (OTCQB: NNMX) is a therapeutics drug company that focuses on treatments for diabetes and inflammation-related conditions. A recent announcement of collaboration could potentially put the stock on the radar of many investors. With upcoming catalysts for growth, this is a stock to keep watch of.

    Nanomix’s Promising Collaboration

    Nanomix Corporation came out today with a positive announcement, that could possibly trigger market bulls into action. The company officially announced a collaborative initiative with the leading CLA-certified lab, Mobility Health to develop rapid Covid antibody tests. NNMX’s eLab systems are well positioned for this to be smoothly executed and effectively scaled up, with the expertise of Mobility Health. The company further stated its plans to file for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) with the FDA, which could fast-track the product’s launch into the market, given its use for Covid testing. Such rapid testing products could prove to be a game-changer in the global fight against the virus if it enters the mainstream.

    NNMX Prospects

    The announcement could potentially impact the prospects of the company in a much broader sense. Attaining EUA on these testing kits could speed the company’s growth trajectory to a significant degree, given that it would ensure fast-tracked commercialization. As a result, the company would move close to financial sustainability. Although this outcome is not fully certain, given that the EUA still would require approval from the FDA, before implementation. Nonetheless, recent updates act as a significant growth catalyst for NNMX.


    Given the announcement of Nanomix Corporation regarding its collaboration and the launch of rapid testing kits, we can expect a serious price surge in the following days. The real catalyst would come at the result of the FDA, regarding EUA for the product, which could potentially lead to a skyrocketing for the stock.

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