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      ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. (NDRA) is on a boost in aftermarket – What’s influencing it? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahrukh Rehan

      Published on

      December 8, 2021

      9:15 AM UTC

      ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. (NDRA) is on a boost in aftermarket – What’s influencing it? - Stocks Telegraph

      ENDRA Life Sciences Inc. (NDRA) saw a push of 6.17% in aftermarket. However, the last trading session concluded at $0.8665 with an increase of 8.31%.

      VGI Health Technology Partnership with NDRA – What’s going on?

      NDRA reported on 29th November 2021 that they have signed a partnership agreement with VGI Health Technology Limited to use TAEUS technology. This technology is meant to assist patient screening and biomarker assessment in VGI’s planned Phase 2 research of IVB001. The company is looking forward to using the latest technology in the IVB001 Phase 2 trial in NAFLD-NASH.

      Data on the degree of hepatic steatosis and other biomarkers collected at the start of the trial, as well as during the study, might be extremely useful in refining the understanding of systemic determinants linked to NAFLD-NASH. The company feels that TAEUS technology is specifically built to help the team with this mission. Lastly, new technologies like TAEUS can help the company run clinical trials more efficiently.

      Now what?

      NDRA is working with VGI on IVB001’s clinical development. End-user doctors and pharmaceutical firms pushing the NAFLD-NASH therapeutic pipeline confront the same hepatic steatosis assessment problems utilizing MRI and liver biopsy as end-user clinicians.

      However, the company is offering time and cost savings through easier, quicker, and non-invasive biomarker assessments of liver fat by incorporating ENDRA’s cost-effective, non-invasive TAEUS technology into VGI’s clinical trial protocol. Last but not least, the company will grow and deepen its worldwide footprint in Australia. This will give them even more opportunities to educate care professionals and patients about the need for early identification and treatment of a disease.

      Strengthening of TAEUS System

      On 16th November 2021, NDRA announced that it is working on strengthening the TAEUS system. The company speaks about the 829 patent which is for a new thermoacoustic imaging system that reduces erroneous signals. This invention allows for the reduction of radiofrequency radiation impacts on the system’s electrical components. The ‘829 patent, according to ENDRA, will cover all thermoacoustic imaging applications.

      Moreover, the 848 patent covers ENDRA’s innovative phantom for use with several imaging modalities. When calibrating or verifying a thermoacoustic system for usage, this invention allows health practitioners to employ a single phantom rather than several phantoms. Lastly, as ENDRA moves forward with clinical studies in many countries, the ‘848 patent should be especially useful.

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