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      New and Important Developments of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      July 7, 2022

      3:23 PM UTC

      New and Important Developments of the Week - Stocks Telegraph

      The week has been just fine for the crypto market. Following are the highlights:

      • Bitcoin (BTC) has increased to touch the mark of $20.5k. At the time of writing, BTC is being traded at the price of $20.4k. The price has overall moved by almost 1.69%. In a week, the price has increased by almost 6%.
      • Ethereum (ETH) has shown similar movement as compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and we saw an increase of about 4%. At the time of writing, it is being traded at the price of almost $1.18k. Overall in a week, the price has increased by almost 12%.
      • Ethereum (ETH) designers have played out the Merge on the Sepolia public testnet
      • Bitcoin (BTC) mining trouble, which is the proportion of the fact that how difficult it is to get mining rewards, is supposed to drop practically 2% in under a day to around 29 T.
      • Bitcoin miner TeraWulf consented to an extra USD 50m in advances with existing loan specialist Wilmington Trust as it hopes to finish the server farm framework at two of its offices.
      • Binance, which is commending its fifth commemoration, said it is killing transaction charges on a scope of BTC spot exchanging matches for an undefined timeframe, beginning July 8. The new transaction expenses will be active until additional notification, the organization said, without indicating.
      • Bitstamp explained its recently declared inactivity charging strategy, saying that it comes full circle on August 1 and that it doesn’t concern US-based clients. Moreover, it will just influence dormant clients with a balance of less than exactly EUR 200, they said.
      • io reported that it will begin another proof-of-reserves review in July, to demonstrate that they have 100 percent collateral. After finishing of the review, clients will be given a strategy to confirm their assets, they said.
      • MakerDAO, which oversees the Maker convention behind the Dai (DAI) stablecoin, is deciding on a recommendation that will bring a customary bank into its environment interestingly, permitting the bank to get against its resources utilizing DeFi.

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