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      New Initiative Is Taking MicroAlgo (MLGO) Stock Higher Today

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 6, 2023

      5:05 PM UTC

      New Initiative Is Taking MicroAlgo (MLGO) Stock Higher Today

      MicroAlgo Inc. (NASDAQ: MLGO) shares are experiencing an ascension on the US stock market today. That is exhibiting an impressive surge of 121.90% in MicroAlgo stock to reach $5.37, as of the last check during the current session. This noteworthy uptrend in MLGO stock value aligns with the revelation of a meticulously devised strategic plan.

      In a recent disclosure, MicroAlgo (MLGO) unveiled its strategic collaboration intentions involving two prominent Chinese entities: the Shenzhen University Semiconductor Manufacturing Research Institute and the Haikou Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Committee.

      The imminent pact, titled “postgraduate training and practice base,” signifies a concerted effort by the triad to contribute significantly to the advancement of domestic innovation, thereby refining the construction of an ideal talent ecosystem.

      Subsequently, the three entities are poised to embark on collaborative initiatives, encompassing the joint training of master’s degree students and the pairing of school tutors, serving as an entry point to diversify the scope of cooperation. This strategic move takes into account the critical needs of the nation and the industrial strengths of Haikou.

      Through meticulous collaboration and amalgamation of advantageous resources on multiple fronts, the goal is to bolster the joint pursuit of national-local scientific research projects, key laboratory construction, and other cooperative ventures. The overarching objective is to effectively facilitate scientific research, talent development, and service provision.

      Shenzhen University, situated in Guangdong Province, holds the distinction of being a comprehensive university sanctioned by the Ministry of Education of China, under the auspices of Guangdong Province and sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government.

      The university has demonstrated rapid progress in talent cultivation, innovation, and technology research and development, with notable accomplishments in mechanical design, manufacturing, automation, semiconductor integrated circuits, among other disciplines. The establishment of the postgraduate training base presents an expansive avenue for collaboration between Shenzhen University and Lixin Technology.

      MicroAlgo envisions that the deepening of cooperation among the three entities will undoubtedly furnish robust support for the sustainable evolution of the semiconductor industry. Simultaneously, the collaborative effort in postgraduate student training within the industry is anticipated to contribute significantly to the development of academic disciplines and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements at Shenzhen University.

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