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      New Suite Propelled Marin Software (MRIN) Stock After-Hours

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      June 4, 2024

      9:20 AM UTC

      New Suite Propelled Marin Software (MRIN) Stock After-Hours

      Shares of Marin Software Incorporated (NASDAQ: MRIN) moved higher on US stock charts on the announcement of an expansion plan. MRIN’s shares increased 31.43% to $3.22 on Monday during the after-market session.

      Enhanced Brand Engagement

      Major improvements to its Amazon connection were announced by Marin Software (MRIN). With the addition of Sponsored TV, non-endemic advertising, and worldwide access to the Demand-Side Platform (DSP), this upgrade facilitates brand engagement with Amazon audience members even for those who do not sell on the platform.

      Advertisers may offer effective commercials for businesses who sell on Amazon and those that do not, reaching over 155 million monthly users of Amazon’s ad-supported streaming services with the new effort (Amazon, Q4 2022).

      In order to develop highly focused and successful advertising campaigns connected to the purchases customers make on Amazon, brands who do not sell items on the site may nonetheless reach the enormous audience of the omnichannel shopping experience while they are shopping.

      Through this extension, advertisers will have access to Amazon’s extensive advertising platform, allowing them to purchase display and video advertisements programmatically across all of Amazon’s sites as well as those of its publisher partners in every market that it serves worldwide.

      Revolutionizing Digital Marketing

      With the improved Amazon solution, Marin Software is demonstrating its dedication to assisting digital marketers in making the most meaningful connections with customers. Marin Software is helping companies make the most of their reach and efficacy inside the Amazon family of brands by delivering non-endemic advertising choices, increasing DSP capabilities internationally, and adding Sponsored TV.

      This development demonstrates Marin Software’s commitment to provide cutting-edge solutions that boost productivity and produce quantifiable outcomes for its customers. The strength of MRIN’s intelligence, AI-powered optimization, and adaptable automations are now combined in Marin Software’s portfolio of Amazon Ads solutions, giving marketers the competitive edge they need to succeed in the current multi-channel digital marketing environment.

      All advertisers are given the tools they need by Marin Software to successfully and efficiently engage Amazon’s broad audience across all of their paid media channels, including sponsored TV, DSP non-endemic, and sponsored ecommerce advertising.

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