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      NFT News and Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      October 27, 2022

      6:09 PM UTC

      NFT News and Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      Warner Brothers had recently announced an initiative to sell limited-edition Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring NFT Bundles to the market. The giant blockbuster film holds an immense and obsessive fan following across the globe and therefore is likely to generate substantial hype around these NFT bundles. Unlike typical NFTs however, this project does not aim to launch art pieces related to the films but instead is planning on releasing an extended edition of the film. This will be in line with the Web3 Movie experience, as a non-fungible token to which the holder would have digital ownership.

      Earlier this week, the European Commission’s head of the financial task force, Peter Kerstens commented on the regulatory outlook towards NFTs within the EU. He elaborates that the commission is open to the possibility of additional legislation passing for the use of NFTs if lawmakers deem it necessary to do so. At present, little finalization came about NFTs in particular in the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) law, which leaves substantial room and flexibility for further policy initiatives.

      The concept of the NFT Vending Machine is picking up in popularity, with the first device in London being launched this very week. The launch is being spearheaded by the multichain NFT marketplace, myNFT, and is committed to the vision of expanding the accessibility of NFTs through the traditional vending machine concept. MyNFT envisions a future where non-fungible tokens vending machines are commonplace across the world’s markets, and enter into a new mainstream phase.

      NFTs to Watch

      The Potatoz NFT

      The Potatoz NFT collection has been causing quite the storm given its 1200% price spike and volume of almost 200 ETH.

      The collection features 9,999 Potatoz, which are essentially utility-enabling profile pictures, and exist within the wider Memeland ecosystem. They represent basic membership in the fun Memeland community and gives users the privilege of non-custodial staking and a dynamic multi-stage reveal mechanism. The NFT has much to offer, especially for those looking for a way to grow their non-fungible tokens in their wallets, whilst also having access to fun little rewards along the way.

      The Sandbox NFT

      The Sandbox is a seemingly elaborate and sophisticated platform, allowing its users to hold ownership, and earn through voxel assets and web3 gaming on its blockchain.

      The NFT collection essentially offers ‘land’ to its holders, totaling 166,464 units. These pieces of land have their identity tied into their X, and Y coordinates on the wider Sandbox, allowing owners to host exciting games and fun events. Owners are also able to stake SAND, which allows them to modify in-game resources, to develop unique gaming experiences which can allow a much higher earning potential.

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