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      NFT News and Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 4, 2022

      10:04 AM UTC

      NFT News and Opportunities - Stocks Telegraph

      After much speculation, Meta Technologies finally broke the silence and announced its plans of incorporating NFTs onto Instagram. The company stated that it aims to allow Instagrammers to mint and sell collectible content to interested parties. The breakthrough may cause a fundamental shift in NFT market dynamics, considering the brand value inherent to Instagram, as the world’s most popular photo and video-sharing social media platform. The feature is still in its pilot phase, and will initially be available to users in the USA before it expands the program internationally.

      One of the most popular television series of the generation, Game of Thrones, may be well on its way to getting exclusive NFTs for fans and investors. The TV network, HBO has partnered up with Warner Brothers Discovery for this project, which it has labeled “Game of Thrones: Build your Realm”. In their realms, users will be able to buy characters relating to the television series, which can upgrade with companions, weapons, and other similar equipment. The official launch is expected to take place later this month.

      The internet browsing company Opera recently announced the launch of an NFT tool labeled DegenKnows to be integrated into its web3 browser. DegenKnows essentially is an analytics and exploration application, which allows users to keep track of selected NFTs, and monitor various fundamentals relating to it. What is most impressive about the tool is its innovative capability of providing users with off-chain analytics from social media sources, such as Discord channels and Twitter threads.

      NFTs to Watch

      KPR NFT

      KPR is currently the talk of the town in the world of NFTs, with its trade volume exceeding 432 ETH.

      The KPR project caters primarily to world-building enthusiasts and storytellers by unlocking the potential the metaverse and NFTs have to offer in this realm of creativity. Throughout 2022, the developers of KPR have built a rich world with captivating texture packs and immense depth. However, those holding the KPR NFT would act as Keepers to this world and fill its void with fantastical stories and incredible lore to give it life.

      Art Gobblers NFT

      The Art Gobblers NFT stands as one of the most popular NFTs out there, as a result of its reputation as a brainchild of the creators of the popular animated television show, Rick and Morty. Moreover, the collection features characters drawn in the Rick and Morty art style and boasts a total volume of a whopping 9,632 ETH.

      The Art Gobblers project essentially labels itself as ‘an experimental decentralized art factory’ allowing artists to create and sell their art.  Users purchase pieces of art, which Art Gobblers gobble up and produce goo as a result. The more art stored within the NFT, the higher the user’s ‘Goo Production Rate’.

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