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      NFT News and Updates

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 8, 2022

      5:39 PM UTC

      NFT News and Updates

      LG Electronics has made the news that has gotten NFT followers’ heads turned. The electronics giant has announced the launch of an NFT platform that will allow users to buy, sell, or just browse through non-fungible tokens directly through LG Smart TVs. The platform, which has been named LG Art Lab, is available in LG smart televisions within the US, that runs webOS 5.0 or later models.

      NFT billboard

      Taking a darker turn, terrorist sympathizers with alleged links to ISIS, have been turning to NFTs as a means to spread propaganda glorifying the terror outfit. Upon discovery of these tokens, both Opensea and Rarible have delisted the NFTs from their platforms. This points to a new way of terror organizations turning to blockchain technology to raise funds.

      Sony Music has just filed a trademark application which seeks to secure the rights to the concept of NFT-authenticated music. This blockchain approach that the media giant is turning to, holds coverage over audio and video musical content, as well as text and artwork. Each of these content forms see authentication directly through NFTs. This comes following several developments with the company in the prior months, that has seen it strategically enhance its exposure to the world of NFTs through lucrative partnerships and acquisitions.

      NFTs to Watch

      ABC (Abracadabra)

      The ABC (Abracadabra) NFT has been gathering tremendous hype in recent days. It offers a collection of 10,000 immutable NFTs, which charge 0% royalties. The last 24 hours brought in a 79% upward change in ABC, with volume exceeding 66,000 SOLs.

      The attention ABC has been attracting has largely been due to the fresh and simple concept it brings. As opposed to a complex membership token, or an in-game asset, ABC simply sells childhood creative drawings, that remind individuals of simpler and more imaginative times. The NFT draws into the nostalgic factor which the NFT market seems to be loving.

      Jadu AVA

      Yet another NFT that has been surging in popularity is that of Jadu AVA, which offers 11,111 augmented reality NFTs, which are essentially digital worlds that the holder would gain rights to fully creatively control and manipulate. Jadu EVA comprises a team of 50 highly skilled AR designers and creatives, who are collaborating closely with the award-winning producer-director, Michael Bay.

      The first collection offers the Jadu Jetpack which enables holder’s avatars to fly through their world, whereas the second collection allows for AR cruising with the Jadu Hoverboard. In the last day alone, Jadu Dev surged by over 10,300%, boasting a volume figure of 385 ETH.

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