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      NLS Pharmaceutics AG (NLSP) stock’s Fall in the After hours. Reasons? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Gule Rukhsar

      Published on

      December 1, 2021

      8:39 AM UTC

      NLS Pharmaceutics AG (NLSP) stock’s Fall in the After hours. Reasons? - Stocks Telegraph

      NLS Pharmaceutics AG (NLSP) went down by 3.94% in the aftermarket, while it gained 16% in regular trading on November 30. The stock closed at $2.03 after gaining $0.28, falling down in the after-hours to $1.95 on Tuesday. Intraday trading, the stock saw a high of $2.83 and a low of $1.84 at a huge volume of 36.4 million shares. While in the 52-week range it fluctuated between $1.71 and $7.35 at a 65-day average volume of 623.4 thousand. Tuesday’s gain put the stocks’ five days gain at 14.69% while it lost 9.78% in the past month. While in the past three months, NLSP stock has lost a value of 19.44%. Currently, the 12.07 million outstanding shares of the stock trade at a market capital of $21.12 million.

      The recent descent in the stock was due to profit booking from its gain during regular trading on Tuesday.

      NLS Pharmaceutics AG (NLSP) engages in the discovery and development of drug therapies for the treatment of rare and complex central nervous system disorders.

      NLSP’s Stock Recent Movement

      On November 30, NLS Pharmaceutics AG (NLSP) announced promising long Covid Fatigue test results. The announcement caused a spike in the stock’s volume, increasing it by a humungous 5,839% of the 65-day average. The stock then went on to gain a good 16% in regular trading on Tuesday. On Tuesday, NLSP stock reached a high of $2.83 after nearly 80 days. This incline in the stock’s price led the profit bookers to make the stock enter market corrections in the after hours. Hence, the stock started falling down in the after-hours on Tuesday after gaining big in the regular trading session on the same day.

      Long Covid Fatigue Test Results

      On Tuesday, the company announced the final results from its preclinical study of NLS-4 (Lauflumide). As per the results, the NLS-4 offers promise to become a foundational treatment for chronic fatigue of long Covid. NLS-4 is a next-generation wake-promoting drug candidate of the company.

      According to the study, NLS-4 proved to be more potent than the widely-used modafinil. Further, NLS-4 did not induce hepatic toxicity which is caused by the long-term use of modafinil. In the animal model study of NLS-4, the drug did not only improve chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) in the subject animals but also circadian rhythm dysregulation. NLSP believes that at a four times lower dose, the NLS-4 should improve recovery from CFS, as compared to modafinil.

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