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      Nano Dimension ltd. (NNDM) stock soared in the current trading session; Let’s find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      April 20, 2021

      4:31 PM UTC

      Nano Dimension ltd. (NNDM) stock soared in the current trading session; Let’s find out why - Stocks Telegraph

      In the recent trading session, Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) stock soared by 7.34% to the price of $7.13 at the time of writing. NNDM stock previously closed at $6.64. The NNDM stock volume traded at 29.58 million shares. The average trade volume of the stock for the past 3 months is 26.97M. For the past year, NNDM stock has soared by 418.75%. However recently in the past week, the shares slumped by -9.54%. Over the past three months and the past six months, the NNDM stock has lost -36.03% and gained 48.21% respectively. Nano Dimension Ltd. is currently valued in the market at $1.60 billion with 240.67 million outstanding shares.

      Nano Dimension is an ADE company

      Nano Dimension Ltd. Is an additive electronic company that is specifically focused on the provision of intelligent machines for the development of Additively Manufactured Electronics. The company has its basis of operation in Israel mainly and internationally. Nano Dimension Ltd. provides conductive and dielectric inks that are based on nanotechnology.

      The flagship product of the company includes the DragonFly lights-out digital manufacturing (LDM) system. The aim of the DragonFly LDM is to create complex multilayer circuit boards, antennas, radio frequency, nano-based conductive geometries, and molded connected devices for the development of prototypes by custom additive manufacturing. For the management of the printing process as well as design creation, the company also has DragonFly software and Switch software.  Companies that require electrical components including automotive, defense, consumer electronics, semiconductor, and other industries, all are clients of DragonFly to which it sells its products and services.

      Definitive agreement between Nano Dimension and DeepCube

      Nano Dimension Ltd. announced today that it has signed an agreement with DeepCube Ltd which is a global leading company in Machine and Deep Learning. The deal contains a definitive agreement to acquire DeepCube Ltd. The acquisition of DeepCube is subsequent to the agreement that Nano Dimension Ltd. will pay DeepCube shareholders $40 million approximately and $30 million which will be in the form of American Depository Shares (ADS) of NNDM stock. The time period of this agreement transaction is to hold for numerous periods of up to 3 years after the deal has been secured and closed which is expected within the next few days.

      Highly integrated and intelligent additive electronics services with Deep- Learning

      When the ADE technology of  Nano Dimension Ltd. will be integrated with the Deep Learning-based artificial intelligence systems, it will create highly customized and intelligent electronics-based products and software that will be unmatched in the market. This will further give the edge to Nano Dimension Ltd. in the electronics market. DeepCube’s machine learning/deep learning/ artificial learning solutions have displayed 10 times speed improvements and memory reduction which leads to the highly efficient execution of complex and smart tasks for real-time applications.

      According to the agreement of the acquisition, the engineers and deep-scientists are expected to become part of the Nano Dimension Ltd. believes that with the co-integration of DeepCube’s AI/DL/ML it will be able to tackle the supply chain issues of semi-conductor industries specifically for Hi-PEDs and AME-3D-PCBs.

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