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      Oncorus, Inc. (ONCR) stock is getting down to 7.38% – What’re the reasons? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Mahrukh Rehan

      Published on

      November 22, 2021

      6:48 AM UTC

      Oncorus, Inc. (ONCR) stock is getting down to 7.38% – What’re the reasons? - Stocks Telegraph

      Oncorus, Inc. (ONCR) experiences a decline of 7.38% in the aftermarket. However, the last trading session closed at $5.83 with a decrease of 1.19%.

      Phase 1 Clinical Study of ONCR-177

      On 12th November 2021, the company announced that ONCR-177 is now being studied in a Phase 1 open-label, multi-center, dosage progression, and expansion clinical study. Moreover, the experts presented its preliminary safety, acceptability, immune activation, and clinical response findings.

      Now what?

      ONCR-177 was well absorbed with no dose-limiting toxicities in the fully recruited and completed surface lesion dosage escalation phase of the Phase 1 research. Furthermore, three of eight evaluable patients with cutaneous melanoma, and mucosal melanoma at RP2D exhibited clinical benefit. Last but not least, ONCR-177 is an intratumorally given viral immunotherapy being developed by ONCR for a variety of solid tumor applications.

      Licensing Agreement with Gaeta Therapeutics Ltd. – Is it worth it?

      ONCR reported on 11th November 2021 about the exclusive licensing deal with Gaeta Therapeutics Ltd. This agreement is for the use of locally administered Interleukin-12 (IL-12) via oncolytic viral expression. Moreover, the University of Zurich established Gaeta Therapeutics in 2017 as a vehicle for commercializing its immune-oncology patent portfolio pertaining to the use of IL-12 in conjunction with checkpoint inhibitors in cancer therapy.

      IL-12 is a transgene that stimulates and grows CD8, CD4 TH1, and natural killer cells in the immune-oncology field. IL-12 in combination with immune checkpoint blockade has shown the capacity to increase therapeutic response in select patients when compared to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy alone. Lastly, in ONCR-177, the primary viral immunotherapy product candidate, IL-12 is one of five immunomodulatory payloads.

      What’s next?

      The company is happy to engage in this agreement with Gaeta. It is so because it strengthens the company’s future commercialization plan and potential for ONCR-177. The company is trying to accelerate innovation and advance the aim of realizing the full promise of viral immunotherapy for cancer patients. Moreover, the company will continue to pursue further strategic opportunities to distinguish the pipeline initiatives.

      ONCR’s Third Quarter 2021 financial results – How’s it going?

      ONCR announced third quarter 2021 financial results on 3rd November 2021. ONCR-177 is an intratumorally (iTu) given oHSV viral immunotherapy for numerous solid tumor applications. It is still enrolling patients at 11 locations across the United States and Canada in Phase 1 clinical study.

      Moreover, ONCR-021 is now undergoing GLP safety and tolerability trials. And the company plans to file an IND in the first half of 2023. In addition, ONCR-788 is also undergoing preliminary non-GLP safety and tolerability trials. Last but not least, the company intends to test its unique Synthetic vRNA immunotherapies.

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