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      Park Aerospace (PKE) Stock Under Pressure - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 4, 2022

      10:44 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 4, 2022

      10:45 AM UTC

      Park Aerospace (PKE) Stock Under Pressure - Stocks Telegraph

      Park Aerospace Corp. (NYSE: PKE) is a small-sized industrial player which develops composite structures which find use in the aerospace domain. Even though PKE stock has performed relatively well, falling only 10% in the last year, it is facing severe hardship on the ground.

      Dismal PKE Q2 Results

      Park Aerospace Corp. (PKE) was hit with a blow, following dismal quarter two results. Even though the company met the sales guidance of $13.8 million, its margins were dismal. In terms of its gross margin, it ended up delivering below 30%, which was substantially below expectations. With adequate revenue and diminishing profitability, things look die for Park Aerospace in this macroeconomic climate. Moreover, the company is also facing the consequence of supplier failure, with its missed shipments totaling $750,000.

      The Future for Park Aerospace Looks Bleak

      The second quarter 2 results are far from being an isolated glitch and point to a much deeper issue that PKE is facing. The company already cut its already burdened staff from 115 employees down to 99. Furthermore, it has lowered its guidance for the third quarter, even beneath FY21Q3. This is an indication of the company struggling to make its mark in the dynamic industry operated by giants. To make matters worse, its small size makes it prone to severe price volatility, which is highly risky during times of economic uncertainty. Although external pressures, such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine have played a role, there appear to be severe lapses in managerial judgment.


      PKE is a highly speculative buy, considering that it is presently faced with a plethora of red flags. In the immediate sense, there is no catalyst or trigger which shareholders can latch on to with optimism. Any opportunity is far into the future with no strategy to deal with immediate dangers.

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