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      ParTech Stock Stabilizes Despite Insider Selling

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 13, 2023

      6:14 PM UTC

      ParTech Stock Stabilizes Despite Insider Selling

      The value of shares in PAR Technology Corporation (NYSE: PAR) exhibited stability on the US stock market charts, remaining constant at $39.20 on Tuesday. This steadfast performance of ParTech stock stood resilient even in the context of recent insider selling activity reported the previous day.

      According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, Douglas Gregory Rauch, a Director at PAR Technology (PAR), divested 4,200 shares. The transaction was executed at a per-share price of $39.89, resulting in gross proceeds of $167,538. This resilience appears to be a consequence of a strategic move disclosed on the same day.

      ParTech has entered into a strategic partnership with the on-demand delivery platform DoorDash. This collaboration is specifically designed to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction within the restaurant industry. It also contributes to the expansion of PAR’s ecosystem, which now boasts over 500 integrations—the largest in the industry.

      In a landscape where dining expectations transcend physical restaurant boundaries, factors like delivery speed, ordering flexibility, and the overall dining experience have become pivotal. However, these preferences pose significant challenges to the restaurant industry.

      The newfound collaboration directly tackles this challenge by seamlessly integrating DoorDash with PAR Brink POS, a cloud-based point-of-sale software, and MENU Link, a marketplace order management solution within the PAR MENU ecosystem for omnichannel ordering.

      In today’s world, where digitally savvy consumers demand seamless digital experiences, the partnership with DoorDash not only unifies the ordering landscape but also simplifies restaurant technology stacks. This streamlines operations for all stakeholders, ensuring efficiency without compromising guest satisfaction. The integration of ParTech’s MENU with DoorDash’s marketplace capabilities empowers enterprise-level restaurants by automating order processing through PAR Brink POS.

      This centralizes control over menu offerings, facilitates dynamic pricing for various channels, provides store-level information, and enables sales tracking. Concurrently, restaurants can leverage the PAR partner ecosystem to consolidate technology stacks, fostering more efficient operations through a unified platform.

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