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      Pre-Market Session Saw Wrap Technologies Continue To Rally

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 1, 2023

      1:03 PM UTC

      Pre-Market Session Saw Wrap Technologies Continue To Rally

      Wrap Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: WRAP) is persisting in its upward trend in the premarket session today, building on the momentum it garnered during the preceding session. At the latest check, Wrap Technologies’ stock has appreciated by 3.15%, reaching a trading price of $2.62. In the previous session, WRAP stock surged an impressive 15.46%, closing at $2.54.

      Last week, Wrap Technologies (WRAP) responded to the earnest request of law enforcement agencies and introduced its Protest Riot Pack (PRP). Crafted to empower law enforcement organizations and bolster urban safety, this solution is poised to transform public safety strategies fundamentally.

      Furthermore, Wrap Technologies is in the process of developing a novel training scenario for its Wrap RealityTM virtual training platform, aimed at furnishing essential situational training to support law enforcement and the wider community. Police departments have articulated an escalating demand for enhancing conventional crowd management and de-escalation methods.

      The unveiling of the PRP solution by Wrap underscores its keen acknowledgment of the evolving challenges confronting law enforcement professionals. This launch solidifies Wrap’s commitment to advocating for both compassionate and practical solutions. BolaWrap, on its part, has been summoned to serve as a safe, non-injurious alternative to conventional crowd control tactics.

      By deploying BolaWrap, officers can remotely and safely restrain individuals during tense situations. WRAP customers have requested an easily accessible solution that makes use of BolaWrap as the preferred tool for responding to civil disturbances, including protests and riots. Wrap is unwavering in its dedication to public safety and in providing solutions that benefit the community and law enforcement, offering non-harmful approaches even in the most challenging circumstances.

      The upcoming PRP solution, set to launch in the first quarter of 2024, will also include a new protest scenario for the Wrap Reality platform. This feature will enable both existing and new Wrap Reality customers to train officers in handling tense crowd-control situations most effectively.

      Wrap Reality immerses law enforcement personnel in true-to-life experiences, facilitating their familiarity with a range of scenarios, decisions, and their outcomes. This initiative marks a significant milestone in Wrap Technologies’ overarching objective of fostering safer communities through innovative and non-lethal solutions.

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