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      AvePoint PE Ratio, Dividend, Profit Margin

      AvePoint, Inc.



      -0.11 (-1.67%)

      At Close: 4:00 PM


      Frequently Asked Questions


      When was the last time AvePoint, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVPT) reported earnings?

      AvePoint, Inc. (AVPT) published its most recent earnings results on Aug. 2023 for the quarter ended Jun. 2023.


      What is AvePoint, Inc.'s current ROE?

      An investor's main concern is the profitability ratios of a company so that they are able to understand how it performs financially. Investors are interested in finding out how effectively a business is using their cash to produce earnings, which is why return on equity (ROE) ratio is important. AvePoint, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVPT)'s trailing twelve month ROE is -18.70%.


      What are ROA and ROI telling us?

      It is sometimes helpful for shareholders to know how their investments are doing. Return on investment (ROI) for AvePoint, Inc. (AVPT) is -18.89%. As ROI percentages rise, profits exceed costs, thus analysts consider such investments to be a general win.  In contrast, the Return on Assets (ROA) ratio measures how profitable a company is relative to its total assets. AvePoint, Inc. (AVPT) currently has a ROA of -10.66% Companies that manage their assets effectively will have greater returns, while those that do so poorly would suffer lower returns.


      Where did AVPT's net profit margin stand at?

      AVPT reported a profit margin of -16.71% in the last quarter ended Jun. 2023. A company's profit margin, also known as its revenue ratio or gross profit ratio, reflects the amount of revenue that an organization earns compared to its net income. In general, a higher ratio implies greater profit, and vice versa.


      When will AvePoint, Inc.'s next earnings report be released?

      Although AvePoint, Inc. has not yet announced its next earnings date, it is expected to be, Aug. 9, 2023 based on last year's announcement date.


      What is AVPT's short-term liquidity position?

      According to AvePoint, Inc. (AVPT)'s current performance indicators, the Quick Ratio of 2.08 in the last reported quarter. The current ratio of AVPT stands at 2.08 in the last reported quarterand a Debt/Eq ratio of 0.08.