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    Lordstown Motors Corp. Stock Profile, Price, History

    Lordstown Motors Corp.



    0.36 (26.90%)

    At Close: 4:00 PM

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is the current Lordstown Motors Corp. (RIDE) stock price?

    Lordstown Motors Corp. (NASDAQ: RIDE) stock price is $1.70 as of the last check on Monday, December 5. During the trading session, RIDE stock reached the peak price of $1.74 while $1.54 was the lowest point it dropped to. The percentage change in RIDE stock occurred in the recent session was 26.9% while the dollar amount for the price change in RIDE stock was $0.36.


    RIDE's industry and sector of operation?

    The NASDAQ listed RIDE is part of Automobile Manufacturers industry that operates in the broader Consumer Discretionary sector. Lordstown Motors Corp. develops, manufactures, and sells Endurance, an electric full-size pickup truck for fleet customers.


    Who are the executives of RIDE?

    Mr. Daniel A. Ninivaggi
    Exec. Chairman
    Mr. Adam B. Kroll
    Exec. VP, CFO & Principal Accounting Officer
    Mr. Chuan D. Vo
    VP of Propulsion
    Mr. Edward T. Hightower
    Pres, CEO & Director


    How RIDE did perform over past 52-week?

    RIDE's closing price is 0.023076994% higher than its 52-week low of $1.3 where as its distance from 52-week high of $4.88 is -0.727459%.


    How many employees does RIDE have?

    Number of RIDE employees currently stands at 632. RIDE operates from 2300 Hallock Young Road, Lordstown, OH 44481, United States.


    Link for RIDE official website?

    Official Website of RIDE is:


    How do I contact RIDE?

    RIDE could be contacted at phone #234 285 4001 and can also be accessed through its website. RIDE operates from 2300 Hallock Young Road, Lordstown, OH 44481, United States.


    How many shares of RIDE are traded daily?

    RIDE stock volume for the day was 319,078 shares while in the previous session number of RIDE shares traded was 5,636,500. The average number of RIDE shares traded daily for last 3 months was 4.98 Million.


    What is the market cap of RIDE currently?

    The market value of RIDE currently stands at $358 Million with its latest stock price at $1.70 and 211.95 Million of its shares outstanding.