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      Recent Cryptocurrency Winners: ATH and Top-Movers - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 30, 2022

      6:00 AM UTC

      Recent Cryptocurrency Winners: ATH and Top-Movers - Stocks Telegraph

      The global markets are at experiencing historical levels of challenges, and the crypto-market presently is within the extreme fear zone. Despite this, however, a number of cryptocurrencies shattered previous records and made it to new highs. It is evident that many assets in the market are still commanding much optimism from bulls, and taking their prices up to new levels. As of the writing of this Stocks Telegraph issue, the following names reached their all-time highs (ATH):

      Brazil National Fan Token

      Brazil National Fan Token (BFT) turned out to be a winning cryptocurrency this week, after a steady yet persistent growth that took it from $0.31 last Thursday to an ATH of $1.71 earlier today. Since BFT’s launch in October last year, it has been on a continuous descent amid brief peaks. Mid-August brought a change of fate for the token amid growing hype when it traded at $0.12. Since then, in just over a month, BFT has ballooned by over 1400%.

      Spain National Fan Token 

      Spain National Fan Token (SNFT) was yet another football token that has been seeing a sudden surge in popularity, which is clearly reflected in its price trajectory. Since its initial trade price of $0.53, in October last year, SNFT has been consistently falling to new lows. The last week, however, saw an unprecedented volume surge which resulted in explosive price growth. During this time, the token grew in price from $0.1412 to a record high of $0.8633.


      MetaBridge (MTB) the young, two-week-old cryptocurrency is proving to be on a roll, surging up significantly throughout its time in circulation. Late last night, MTB underwent a sizeable jump bringing it to a new price height. The cryptocurrency today had continuously raised the bar, by establishing a new ATH. Most recently its record high level stands at $1.41, which it is probable to surpass several times today, and possibly throughout the week.

      Square Token

      Square Token (SQUA) has been delivering impressive wins to its holders from mid-June onwards after it took on an explosive climb. It then remained stable for most of July and August. In the last two weeks, however, SQUA has been turning heads with a rocketing climb, which eventually culminated in it hitting a new ATH yesterday of $22.75. This is impressive, considering that the token had been trading in the $3 zone, just three months prior.

      PDX Coin

      PDX Coin (PDX) is a cryptocurrency that saw its price virtually unchanged from mid-May until mid-September. During this time, the coin’s price hardly ventured away from the $21 territory, remaining highly stable. In the last two weeks, however, PDX price undertook a steady climb, pushing it to an ATH of $30.54.

      Top Movers (24H)

      While some cryptocurrencies shone brightly by reaching record highs, others did so by undergoing the largest price change in the last 24 hours. The holders of these crypto-assets enjoyed the largest single-day gains in the wider market. As of the writing of this piece, the following names stand as the biggest gainers of the day:


      Ethernity (ERN) stood as the day’s biggest winner by far, undertaking a staggering 172% gain in just a 24-hour window, pushing its price to over $4. The sheer hype surrounding this cryptocurrency is evident in its daily trade volume which jumped from $4 million to $200 million during the day. The price explosion seemingly comes out of nowhere, with ERN price being stable at around $1.44 throughout the month.


      SHIDO also climbed impressively high during the day, increasing its price by 83% during the day. The cryptocurrency has been taking on a slow yet steady climb throughout the week, but it took off in the last two days. During these two days, the cryptocurrency moved up from $0.0000514 to $0.0001283, amounting to 150% within this time frame. Across the two days, its volume also saw a jump from $500,000 to nearly $2.5 million.


      MOVEZ remained stable for most of the week, as well as most of today, until the last few hours which saw it suddenly surge by 75% to $0.006176. This sudden jump took MOVEZ up to a 40-day high, and with present momentum bodes well for its future trajectory. Daily volume in the last 24 hours also grew by 150%, from $1.2 million to $2.9 million.


      BOSAGORA (BOA) came through with an epic recovery following a month-long downward spiral that saw it fall from $0.054 to $0.039 as of yesterday. Early today, however, things took a spectacular turn as BOA shot up almost 60% to $0.062, pushing the cryptocurrency to its highest point since mid-August. The surge in the last 24 hours alone wiped out and reversed the losses of the entire month, and made BOA stand tall amongst today’s winners.

      Red Token

      Red Token (RED) has been climbing spectacularly in the last 24 hours, bringing about a price jump from $0.01146 to $0.02033, at which point its gains stood at over 77%. The recent hours, however, did bring a volume surge too, pushing the figure up to $5.6 million, which has evidently reeled in a number of bears, that have stabilized the day’s gains at 48%. In terms of single-day price climbs, this rise still is impressive and among the top climbs of the last 24 hours.

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