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      Recent Cryptocurrency Winners: ATH Coins and Top Movers - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 15, 2022

      3:49 PM UTC

      Recent Cryptocurrency Winners: ATH Coins and Top Movers - Stocks Telegraph

      Although the market is currently in the midst of a scare, and even giants such as BTC and ETH have plunged hard, there appear some names in the crypto-sphere that have surpassed all odds and made new records. Such cryptocurrencies have reached record highs, and are likely to push on ahead given the momentum they have gathered in recent days.

      As of the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies hit the ATH mark:

      ATH coins


      Cryptokki (TOKKI) was among the big winners of recent days, which reached a peak price of $2.75 earlier today. TOKKI has been riding a riveting growth wave after plummeting to an all-time low of $2.018 on the third of September. Ever since it has been rising high, and since Monday been breaking its own historical records, with new ATH points coming in on each consecutive day.

      Goat Gang 

      Goat Gang (GGT) is one name that has been a clear favorite amongst a niche of traders since its initiation in June. After every few weeks, GGT takes on a massive jump and sets a new level to rise from moving ahead, and setting a new ATH. In the last week, the cryptocurrency underwent two such jumps, first pushing it up 70% to a new ATH of $114, and another such jump yesterday, which raised the bar further to the $150 mark.


      Herbee (BEE) proved to be yet another name amongst recent big winners that made it to new heights. This rising king has been raising its bar ever since its circulation in the market in late August. Due to its stellar track record, it has constantly been upping its ATH mark and was in fact also mentioned in Stock Telegraph’s last week’s issue as an ATH winner. Since its last impressive record, BEE has climbed another 26% in the week, with its new ATH set at $0.293.

      Cyberdragon Gold

      Cyberdragon Gold (GOLD) tells the story of the most impressive ATH rise on this list, given that it has been in the trade since October of last year, and is not merely a month-old cryptocurrency. GOLD has been rising impressively throughout the year, and breaking records since as early as May, surpassing its earlier level of $0.0088. The month of September had proven especially phenomenal for the cryptocurrency, given its 47% rise, which has pushed it up to a record high of $0.03636.

      Race Kingdom 

      Race Kingdom (ATOZ) has been on a tumultuous rise since its circulation in late August, with no clear momentum in a certain direction. It had experienced numerous sharp peaks and hard plummets that saw almost immediate correction. Similarly, this week saw ATOZ suddenly shoot up 80% from $0.0656 to an ATH of $0.1182. Unlike previous shoot-ups, however, ATOZ has sustained most of these gains, without falling to levels prior to the peak.

      Top Movers (24H)

      Along with ATH names, another area to identify winners in the market is by seeing which coins have been from amongst the largest risers in the last 24 hours. This points out that despite the fear permeating through the market, which is the names traders are strategically placing their bets upon. The volume and upward direction of these movements give others ample reason to hop on board and be a part of the impressive climbs. As at the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies stand as the biggest movers of the day:


      Prosper (PROS) took the lead amongst the winners of the day, doubling from $0.78 to its present price of $1.58. During the day’s impressive rise, PROS, at one point stood at $1.79, at which its gain for the day was as high as 130%. With each passing minute, its daily trade volume reaches impressive new levels, presently having crossed the $20 million mark.

      Squid Game

      Squid Game (SQUID) shot up extraordinarily in the last 24 hours, rising up more than 120% from $0.0095 to $0.0210. The following hours saw a decline back down to $0.01229, and a fightback up to $0.1639. Amidst these rises, falls, and fightbacks, SQUID saw a net gain of 80% in the last 24 hours. Throughout this time, its volume has been steadily rising, presently standing at $5.64 million.


      Viberate (VIB) too made it on today’s list of big winners, owing to its epic 24-hour price shoot-up of 144%, coming rather unexpectedly. This sudden price rise from $0.03437 to $0.08381 came at a time when its trade value saw a four-factor rise from $3 million to $12 million. The rise comes in the wake of a weeklong climb that VIB has been experiencing. In the last week, the cryptocurrency has more than tripled in its price.


      Beam also made the news given its epic 92% rise in a matter of just a few hours today. Its volume, which presently exceeds $86 million just showcases the degree of the hype surrounding the cryptocurrency, with the market bears and bulls battling it out in its price movements. Although the bears have brought down BEAM’s gains from 92% to 47%, its rise in just the last 24 hours remains phenomenal. This may very well climb further in the coming hours.


      Firo was perhaps the most widely followed cryptocurrency of the day, with its daily trade volume exploding from $8 million to $127 million, all in the last day alone. At a certain point during the day, FIRO’s price climb translated to a daily gain of 52%. However, as is the case with such humongous trade volume figures, the cryptocurrency also had a fairly sizeable army of bears on its case, trying hard to reverse any gains made. Despite this, FIRO proved to be a fighter, netting in gains of 37% by the end of the day.

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