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    ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO) shares rose in AH yesterday despite no update

    By Hasnain R

    Dec 04,2020

    3:07 AM UTC

    ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: RETO) stock surged 3.12% in the post-market hours. There doesn’t appear to be any company-specific news that caused Intel share price to fall today, and investors may want to take that as a warning sign.

    However, the Company revealed on November 9 2020, that in the prestigious 2020, Gardening Craftmanship Compet, the Company received first prize for new materials and new technology, with separate awards for extensive strength and craftsmanship spirit. During October, hundreds of companies took part in the competition, including exhibits and specialists from different fields.

    ReTo demonstrated water conservancy slope safety bricks and retaining walls built of building waste as the critical raw material. The Company showed different types of bricks for public roads and domestic goods for the disposal of sewage. In collaboration with Tsinghua University, the Company introduced its unique powder stabilisation and digital paving system technology, earning acclaim from architecture and construction firms and other industry participants. The patented powder stabilisation technology of ReTo helps the refining of previously unprocessable by-product sludge from the recycling of building waste into bricks for public roads and other applications.

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