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      Salesforce (CRM) Stock Slipped After Insider Selling

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 24, 2023

      10:57 AM UTC

      Salesforce (CRM) Stock Slipped After Insider Selling

      Salesforce Corporation (NYSE: CRM) encountered a marginal 0.85% decrease as it wrapped up the preceding trading day at a value of $202.00. This drop was a result of a sequence of insider transactions, where five of the firm’s personnel liquidated 2,215 Salesforce shares, generating a cumulative revenue of $427,076. These equities were traded at a mean value of $200.97 per unit.

      The insiders who divested their CRM shares are Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Harris Parker, President & Chief Engineering Officer Tallapragada Srinivas, President and Chief Financial Officer Amy E. Weaver, President and Chief Operating Officer Brian Millham, and Executive Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer Sundeep G. Reddy.

      Kaltura (Nasdaq: KLTR), the Video Experience Cloud, announced Salesforce (CRM) as the recipient of the inaugural Kaltura Visionaries Award on Monday. This accolade acknowledges companies that have exhibited outstanding and forward-thinking utilization of Kaltura’s platform, resulting in tangible and positive effects.

      The Kaltura Visionaries Award places its emphasis on the inventive and resourceful utilization of Kaltura’s video platform. Assessment criteria encompass tangible impact, enhancements in user experience, scalability, pioneering incorporation of AI in marketing, and an overall commitment to excellence in video utilization.

      Salesforce has demonstrated unparalleled ingenuity and determination, notably through Salesforce+ and its flagship events. Salesforce+’s approach stands out for its agility, consolidation, and optimization of event technology, coupled with its adaptability and innovation in response to evolving market demands. Salesforce+ distinguishes itself with its broad scope, potential, and strong drive for innovation throughout the Salesforce+ team, consistently pushing the boundaries to deliver engaging, entertaining, and impactful digital experiences.

      Beyond its innovative approach, Salesforce+ has harnessed Kaltura’s capabilities to enhance viewing experiences, resulting in a 70% increase in out-of-the-box features. Moreover, Salesforce+ has effectively utilized Kaltura’s live streaming capabilities to power Dreamforce, its flagship event, which attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers and facilitated chat messages, offering additional avenues for engagement for event organizers over the course of four days.

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