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      Scholastic (SCHL) Stock Moved Up After Earning Release

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 15, 2023

      2:29 PM UTC

      Scholastic (SCHL) Stock Moved Up After Earning Release

      The shares of Scholastic Corporation (NASDAQ: SCHL) experienced a notable uptick of 3.62%, concluding the preceding trading session at $41.48. This surge in SCHL stock value ensued following the disclosure of its quarterly financial results.

      Scholastic (SCHL) divulged its financial performance for the fiscal second quarter concluding on November 30, 2023. Revenues exhibited a 4% decline, totaling $562.6 million. This decrease primarily resulted from a deliberate reduction in promotional expenditures and the elimination of unprofitable orders in the Book Clubs segment, which is undergoing a strategic repositioning towards a more streamlined and lucrative core. Revenues from other channels and business segments remained largely consistent with the preceding period.

      The operating income for the quarter stood at $101.3 million, marking a $1.2 million increase from the $100.1 million recorded in the corresponding period of the previous year. Additionally, Adjusted EBITDA experienced a $1.7 million upturn, reaching $124.0 million. Profits exhibited improvement, attributed to decreased promotional spending and enhancements in inventory management and freight costs. These positive factors more than compensated for the adverse impact of lower sales in the Clubs division.

      In the pivotal back-to-school second quarter, Scholastic demonstrated resilience in its mission and long-term potential amid the intricacies of the current educational landscape in U.S. schools. School Book Fairs achieved a higher fair count and robust sales during the second quarter, and SCHL initiated a strategic repositioning of its School Book Clubs, integrating them into the broader School Reading Events business.

      Education sales remained steady, underscoring SCHL’s distinctive capacity to foster literacy through engaging book collections in collaboration with state and district partnerships. Scholastic sustained its commitment to long-term growth and shareholder value by investing in strategic initiatives. Over $58 million was returned to shareholders through share buybacks and dividends.

      While the second-quarter results fell below expectations for profit growth, primarily due to lower-than-anticipated participation and spending in SCHL’s School Reading Events division, this trend is anticipated to persist throughout the remainder of the current school year. Consequently, Scholastic has adjusted its fiscal 2024 guidance, implementing measures to target additional revenue opportunities and align spending in the latter half of the year.

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