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      Selling By Insiders Is Affecting Core & Main Share Price

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 13, 2023

      4:44 PM UTC

      Selling By Insiders Is Affecting Core & Main Share Price

      Core & Main, Inc. (NYSE: CNM) shares wrapped up the previous session on a positive note, gaining 2.18% to reach $31.86. However, the current trading session has presented challenges as the Core & Main stock is influenced by recent insider selling reports. As of the last Friday check, CNM’s stock had slipped 1.71% to $31.37.

      In a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing yesterday, CNM’s Vice President and Corporate Controller, Stephens John Weldon, offloaded 12,500 shares over the past two days at an average price of $31.02, totaling $387,982 in proceeds. This occurrence signified the occurrence of the second instance of insider divestiture within the current month.

      On October 4, 2023, Mark Witkowski, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), proficiently relinquished 20,000 shares of the company. It is worth noting that this action is but one episode within a sequence of insider selling transactions that have transpired over the course of the preceding year. These activities have drawn attention and likely contributed to the stock’s recent decline, leaving investors monitoring the situation closely.

      Core & Main has recently initiated an underwritten secondary public offering encompassing 18 million shares of its Class A common stock, courtesy of specific selling stockholders. CNM has disclosed its intent to repurchase and redeem 3,125,728 shares of its Class A common stock and 1,874,272 partnership interests of Core & Main Holdings, LP, a subsidiary of the Company, from the selling stockholders.

      This transaction is slated to transpire at a per-share price identical to that which the underwriter will extend to the selling stockholders in the offering. The finalization of the repurchase is subject to the completion of the offering, but conversely, the offering’s closure is independent of the repurchase’s conclusion.

      Furthermore, CNM has inaugurated a novel facility in Spokane, Washington, a strategic move poised to enhance its fire protection product category and optimize service delivery to fire protection clients in the Northwestern region. This strategic stride aligns seamlessly with Core & Main’s overarching growth strategy, dedicated to fostering nationwide accessibility to its products and expertise.

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